Boys Swimming: Regis Jesuit races past Cherokee Trail in dual meet

Cherokee Trail-Regis Jesuit Boys Swimming 3.26.13
Regis Jesuit junior Austin Phillips takes a breath on his way to finishing in first place in the 100-yard breaststroke during the boys swimming dual meet between Regis Jesuit and Cherokee Trail on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, at Cherokee Trail High School. The Raiders took first in all 12 individual events and won the meet by the score of 147-37. (Courtney Oakes/Aurora Sentinel

AURORA | Regis Jesuit got back at it against some Colorado competition in a big way Tuesday afternoon.

The Raiders — who won a dual meet over visiting California powerhouse Loyola on Saturday — took first place in all 12 events and cruised to a 147-37 dual meet victory at Cherokee Trail.

Junior Hennessey Stuart was credited with two victories after teammate Clark Smith was disqualified in the 100-yard butterfly and eight different Regis Jesuit swimmers turned in first-place finishes as Regis Jesuit improved to 6-0 in dual meets.

Stuart topped the field in his specialty, the 100 backstroke, and also ended up first in the 100 butterfly when Smith was taken out of the equation.

The Raiders’ individuals winners were Smith (200 freestyle), Garrett Suter (50 freestyle), Will Pieseski (100 freestyle), Erik Biernat (500 freestyle), Chris Dawson (200 individual medley), Kyle Goodwin (diving) and Austin Phillips (100 breaststroke).

Regis Jesuit finished at least first and second in all three relay events as well.

Cherokee Trail’s top performer was junior TJ Konde, who finished second in both the 200 IM and 100 butterfly, turning in state-qualifying times in the process. Senior Mitchell Stieg recorded fourth-place results in both the 200 freestyle and 100 breaststroke.

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200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Regis Jesuit A (Austin Phillips, Quinlan Stuart, Hennessey Stuart, Chris Dawson), 1 minute, 41.48 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Regis Jesuit B (Bruce Nerheim, Nick Birney, Frank Morton, Garrett Suter), 1:44.79 (5ASQT); 3. Regis Jesuit C (Cristian Adams, Jackson Fox, Simon Barshay, Will Pieseski), 1:47.83; 4. Cherokee Trail A (TJ Konde, Korbin Green, Sean Kim, Robert Kim), 1:49.14; Cherokee Trail B (Eric Daugherty, Garrett Shudinis, Jay McBeth, Brandon Hawley), DQ

200-yard freestyle: 1. Clark Smith (Regis Jesuit), 1 minute, 45.30 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Erik Biernat (Regis Jesuit), 1:50.78 (5ASQT); 3. Tim Smith (Regis Jesuit), 1:50.98 (5ASQT); 4. Mitchell Stieg (Cherokee Trail), 1:55.92; 5. Jacob Salinas (Cherokee Trail), 2:01.98; Josh Bedford (Cherokee Trail) NS

200-yard individual medley: 1. Chris Dawson (Regis Jesuit), 2 minutes, 2.57 seconds (5ASQT); 2. TJ Konde (Cherokee Trail), 2:04.73 (5ASQT); 3. Zach Suter (Regis Jesuit), 2:08.46; 4. Nick Birney (Regis Jesuit), 2:11.40; 5. Korbin Green (Cherokee Trail), 2:15.30; 6. Eric Daugherty (Cherokee Trail), 2:19.20

50-yard freestyle: 1. Garrett Suter (Regis Jesuit), 23.08 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Jesse Suchomel (Regis Jesuit), 23.23; 3. Mitchell Bruckman (Regis Jesuit), 23.68; 4. Jay McBeth (Cherokee Trail), 25.28; 5. Garrett Shudinis (Cherokee Trail), 26.23; Robert Kim (Cherokee Trail) NS

1-meter diving: 1. Kyle Goodwin (Regis Jesuit), 293.85 points; 2. Matt Mauser (Regis Jesuit), 277.40; 3. Christopher Clayton (Regis Jesuit), 204.90; 4. Brady Garvin (Cherokee Trail), 169.75; 5. Eric Lammon (Cherokee Trail), 130.60; 6. Tristan Nation (Cherokee Trail), 126.15

100-yard butterfly: 1. Hennessey Stuart (Regis Jesuit), 56.25 seconds (5ASQT); 2. TJ Konde (Cherokee Trail), 56.97 (5ASQT); 3. Chris Morales (Regis Jesuit), 58.63; 4. Sean Kim (Cherokee Trail), 59.93; Clark Smith (Regis Jesuit) DQ, Robert Kim (Cherokee Trail) DS

100-yard freestyle: 1. Will Pieseski (Regis Jesuit), 50.85 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Tim Smith (Regis Jesuit), 51.13; 3. Frank Morton (Regis Jesuit), 54.22; 4. Jay McBeth (Cherokee Trail), 54.89; 5. Quinn Weeks (Cherokee Trail), 56.48; 6. Garrett Shudinis (Cherokee Trail), 57.55

500-yard freestyle: 1. Erik Biernat (Regis Jesuit), 5 minutes, 5.38 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Garrett Suter (Regis Jesuit), 5:11.30; 3. CJ Kannawin (Regis Jesuit), 5:18.31; 4. Jacob Salinas (Cherokee Trail), 5:25.46; 5. Korbin Green (Cherokee Trail), 5:26.88; 6. Brandon Hawley (Cherokee Trail), 6:00.07

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Regis Jesuit A (Clark Smith, Chris Dawson, Zach Suter, Jesse Suchomel), 1 minute, 32.24 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Regis Jesuit C (Austin Phillips, Frank Morton, Chris Morales, Nick Birney), 1:35.70; 3. Cherokee Trail A (Mitchell Stieg, Josh Bedford, Sean Kim, Garrett Shudinis), 1:36.22; 4. Regis Jesuit B (Ted Koerner, Ben Fortuin, Shawn Byrne, Nick Norie), 1:38.93; 5. Cherokee Trail B (Jay McBeth, Quinn Weeks, Jacob Salinas, Korbin Green), 1:44.87

100-yard backstroke: 1. Hennessey Stuart (Regis Jesuit), 54.25 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Quinlan Stuart (Regis Jesuit), 55.54 (5ASQT); 3. Bruce Nerheim (Regis Jesuit), 58.80; 4. Eric Daugherty (Cherokee Trail), 1:01.98; 5. Brandon Hawley (Cherokee Trail), 1:07.05; 6. Quinn Weeks (Cherokee Trail), 1:16.26

100-yard breaststroke: 1. Austin Phillips (Regis Jesuit), 1 minute, 5.16 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Samuel Fox (Regis Jesuit), 1:08.25; 3. Zach Suter (Regis Jesuit), 1:08.53; 4. Mitchell Stieg (Cherokee Trail), 1:10.77; Sean Kim (Cherokee Trail) DQ; Josh Bedford (Cherokee Trail) NS

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Regis Jesuit A (Erik Biernat, Tim Smith, Jesse Suchomel, Mitchell Bruckman), 3 minutes, 26.55 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Regis Jesuit B (Quinlan Stuart, CJ Kannawin, Will Pieseski, Bruce Nerheim), 3:28.54 (5ASQT); 3. Cherokee Trail A (TJ Konde, Eric Daugherty, Mitchell Stieg, Josh Bedford), 3:31.93 (5ASQT); 4. Regis Jesuit C (Ted Koerner, Chris Morales, Cristian Adams, Simon Barshay), 3:36.78; 5. Cherokee Trail B (Jay McBeth, Quinn Weeks, Brandon Hawley, Jacob Salinas), 3:58.01

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