Boys Swimming: Five wins help Buffs bring home another Smoky Hill Invite crown


AURORA | Juhan Hong and the Smoky Hill boys swim team defended their home pool in style Saturday.

Smoky Hill

Hong handily won the 200- and 500-yard freestyles and the Buffaloes placed first in five events and racked up 455 points at the 2013 Smoky Hill Invitational to take the title for the second time in the past three seasons of the 21st annual event.

Freshmen Aidan Mercer and Devin Bellamy and the 400-yard freestyle relay team of Hong, Mercer, sophomore Alex Kohlman and junior Derek Liu also posted victories for Smoky Hill, which finished 34.5 points clear of Fossil Ridge, last season’s meet champion.

Cherokee Trail collected 335 points to finish fourth, keyed by victories from TJ Konde in the 100 backstroke and Josh Bedford in the 100 breaststroke.

Hong’s huge day for Smoky Hill included a pool record in the 200 freestyle and nearly a meet record in the 500.

He touched the wall in the 200 freestyle in 1 minute, 43.74 seconds, which was a huge drop from his prelim time of 1:48.03, and was more than a full second faster than the Smoky Hill pool record of 1:44.73 set last season by Arapahoe’s Kyle Hentschel. Hong also won the event at last season’s meet.

In the 500, Hong’s time of 4:39.88 was just a hundredth of a second slower than the Smoky Hill Invitational meet record of 4:39.87 posted by former Heritage star Mark Dylla at the 2004 meet. Grandview graduate John Martens owns the pool record in the 500 with a 4:33.52. Hong’s margin of victory was a staggering 22.32 seconds over runner-up Max Grogan of Ponderosa.

Mercer dominated the field in the 200-yard individual medley, as he won the championship heat by more than three seconds. The freshman went into the finals seeded third after posting a 2:04.81 in the prelims, but shaved off more than three seconds to win in 2:01.62.

On the diving board, Bellamy posted a final score of 397.05 points to finish comfortably ahead of Mullen’s David Hoffer, who set the pool record of 440.45 in winning last season’s meet title. Another freshman, Cherokee Trail’s Eric Lammon, was Aurora’s next-highest placer with a sixth-place total of 300.50.

The Buffs nipped Fossil Ridge 3:22.90 to 3:22.91 in the 400 freestyle relay, but left the SaberCats in their wake in the final with a victory of more than a full second.

Senior Mason Markle posted fourth-place finishes in the 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke, while Kohlman, Liu and senior Chris Langlett also made a championship heat for Smoky Hill.

Cherokee Trail climbed a spot in the team standings from its fifth-place showing last season and the improvements of Konde and Bedford helped that tremendously.

First, they combined with senior Mitchell Stieg and junior Sean Kim on a 200 freestyle team that placed second to Fossil Ridge, then both placed in the top five in two individual events.

Konde claimed the backstroke championship with a time of 53.24 seconds and also came in a close third in the 100 butterfly.

Bedford was fourth in the breaststroke at last season’s Smoky Hill Invitational, but was not to be denied this season, as he held off Mercer to win in 1:00.16. Bedford also touched the wall fifth in a very fast final heat of the 200 freestyle.

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Team scores: 1. Smoky Hill 455 points; 2. Fossil Ridge 420.5; 3. Discovery Canyon 350; 4. Cherokee Trail 335; 5. D’Evelyn 315; 6. Ponderosa Co-op 264.5; 7. Heritage 258; 8. Denver East 183; 9. George Washington 113; 10. Liberty 96; 11. Mullen 86; 12. Smoky Hill Green 79; 13. Fossil Ridge Black 58; 14. Smoky Hill Red 54

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Fossil Ridge, 1 minute, 40. 11 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Cherokee Trail (TJ Konde, Josh Bedford, Sean Kim, Mitchell Stieg), 1:41.28 (5ASQT); 3. Smoky Hill (Adithya Mohan, Aidan Mecer, Mason Markle, Ethan Evans), 1:42.64 (5ASQT); 4. Discovery Canyon, 1:45.15; 5. D’Evelyn, 1:47.76; 6. Ponderosa, 1:48.41 (5ASQT)

Other Aurora results: 9. Smoky Hill Green (Joey Pucciarelli, Chris Langlett, Tyler Mobley, Evan Dorrough), 1:50.51; 10. Smoky Hill Red (Steven Tibbitts, Alex Moulton, Joseph Waite, Garrett Barner), 1:53.91

200-yard freestyle: 1. Juhan Hong (Smoky Hill), 1 minute, 43.74 seconds (pool record, old record 1:44.73) (5ASQT); 2. G. Goodwin (Heritage), 1:49.19 (5ASQT); 3. J. Graber (D’Evelyn), 1:50.32 (5ASQT); 4. Alex Kohlman (Smoky Hill), 1:50.49 (5ASQT); 5. Josh Bedford (Cherokee Trail), 1:50.54 (5ASQT); 6. G. Downing (Denver East), 1:52.71 (5ASQT)

Other Aurora results: 13. Derek Liu (Smoky Hill), 1:51.30; 16. Mitchell Stieg (Cherokee Trail), 1:58.06

200-yard individual medley: 1. Aidan Mercer (Smoky Hill), 2 minutes, 1.62 seconds (5ASQT); 2. D. Graber (D’Evelyn), 2:04.74 (5ASQT); 3. J. Sbarbaro (D’Evelyn), 2:04.85 (5ASQT); 4. M. Bennett (Ponderosa), 2:05.99 (5ASQT); 5. W. Gavato (Fossil Ridge), 2:08.86; 6. J. Donehower (Disc. Canyon), 2:11.28

Other Aurora results: 7. Ethan Evans (Smoky Hill), 2:07.89 (5ASQT); 9. Korbin Green (Cherokee Trail), 2:12.90; 10. Joseph Waite (Smoky Hill), 2:15.87; 15. Alex Moulton (Smoky Hill Green), 2:20.49

50-yard freestyle: 1. L. Robert (Disc. Canyon), 22.15 seconds (5ASQT); 2. O. Huey (Fossil Ridge), 22.21 (5ASQT); 3. D. Keller (Disc. Canyon), 22.49 (5ASQT); 4. Mason Markle (Smoky Hill), 22.97 (5ASQT); 5. J. Roberts (Ponderosa), 23.45; 6. M. Fine (Fossil Ridge), 23.67

Other Aurora results: 7. Kamden Weis (Cherokee Trail), 23.84; 9. Evan Dorrough (Smoky Hill), 24.16; 16. Jay McBeth (Cherokee Trail), 24.98

1-meter diving: 1. Devin Bellamy (Smoky Hill), 397.05 points; 2. D. Hoffer (Mullen), 372.45; 3. J. Volin (Denver East), 339.45; 4. K. Smith (Geo. Washington), 334.25; 5. F. Sequeira Randall (Heritage), 308.45; 6. Eric Lammon (Cherokee Trail), 300.50; 7. Ryan Mitchell (Smoky Hill), 288.60; 8. Tristan Nation (Cherokee Trail), 269.95; 9. Brady Garvin (Cherokee Trail), 267.55; 10. R. Byrnes (Disc. Canyon), 249.85; 11. B. Weaver (Heritage), 248.50; 12. I. Latour (Fossil Ridge), 235.45; 13. Alex Staverosky (Smoky Hill), 229.95; 14. P. Krech (Fossil Ridge), 200.65

100-yard butterfly: 1. O. Huey (Fossil Ridge), 53.54 seconds (5ASQT); 2. D. Liu (Disc. Canyon), 54.28 (5ASQT); 3. TJ Konde (Cherokee Trail), 54.54 (5ASQT); 4. G. Goodwin (Heritage), 56.4 (5ASQT)9; 5. D. Hoffer (Mullen), 56.85 (5ASQT); 6. J. Roberts (Ponderosa), 56.88 (5ASQT)

Other Aurora results: 7. Mitchell Stieg (Cherokee Trail), 56.54 (5ASQT); 13. Sean Kim (Cherokee Trail), 58.33; 16. Adithya Mohan (Smoky Hill), 1:00.04

100-yard freestyle: 1. L. Robert (Disc. Canyon), 48.85 seconds (5ASQT); 2. M. Bennett (Ponderosa), 50.06 (5ASQT); 3. D. Keller (Disc. Canyon), 50.37 (5ASQT); 4. J. Graber (D’Evelyn), 50.90 (5ASQT); 5. J. Sbarbaro (D’Evelyn), 51.27; 6. R. Brandorff (Geo. Washington), 53.73

Other Aurora results: 7. Alex Kohlman (Smoky Hill), 49.44 (5ASQT); 11. Kamden Weis (Cherokee Trail), 53.28; 14. Artur Meletyan (Smoky Hill), 53.65; 18. Evan Dorrough (Smoky Hill), 55.10

500-yard freestyle: 1. Juhan Hong (Smoky Hill), 4 minutes, 39.88 seconds (5ASQT); 2. M. Grogan (Ponderosa), 5:02.21 (5ASQT); 3. D. Byrne (Heritage), 5:05.00 (5ASQT); 4. Derek Liu (Smoky Hill), 5:05.71 (5ASQT); 5. G. Downing (Denver East), 5:09.86 (5ASQT); 6. K. Olson (D’Evelyn), 5:11.44

Other Aurora results: 8. Ethan Evans (Smoky Hill), 5:16.78; 10. Jacob Salinas (Cherokee Trail), 5:18.26; 14. Korbin Green (Cherokee Trail), 5:20.28; 17. Eric Daugherty (Cherokee Trail), 5:38.96; 18. Sandy Wierzba (Smoky Hill Green), 5:40.72

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. Discovery Canyon, 1 minute, 30.78 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Smoky Hill (Alex Kohlman, Mason Markle, Derek Liu, Juhan Hong), 1:31.91 (5ASQT); 3. Cherokee Trail (TJ Konde, Mitchell Stieg, Sean Kim, Josh Bedford), 1:32.00 (5ASQT); 4. D’Evelyn, 1:32.47 (5ASQT); 5. Fossil Ridge, 1:32.49 (5ASQT); 6. Ponderosa, 1:33.99 (5ASQT)

Other Aurora results: 9. Smoky Hill Green (Evan Dorrough, Tyler Mobley, Garrett Barner, Artur Meletyan), 1:40.01; 12. Smoky Hill Red (Scott Schubert, Nick Zahalko, Sandy Wierzba, Conor Salazar), 1:43.54

100-yard backstroke: 1. TJ Konde (Cherokee Trail), 53.24 seconds (5ASQT); 2. D. Liu (Disc. Canyon), 55.73 (5ASQT); 3. G. Hu (Fossil Ridge), 57.28 (5ASQT); 4. W. Larsen (Liberty), 57.54 (5ASQT); 5. K. Hoffman (Fossil Ridge), 58.13 (5ASQT); 6. M. Feller (D’Evelyn), 1:02.77

Other Aurora results: 14. Adithya Mohan (Smoky Hill), 1:00.47; 15. Eric Daugherty (Cherokee Trail), 1:01.14

100-yard breastroke: 1. Josh Bedford (Cherokee Trail), 1 minute, 0.16 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Aidan Mercer (Smoky Hill), 1:00.30 (5ASQT); 3. W. Gavato (Fossil Ridge), 1:02.50 (5ASQT); 4. Mason Markle (Smoky Hill), 1:03.38 (5ASQT); 5. Chris Langlett (Smoky Hill), 1:04.24 (5ASQT); 6. C. Amman (Heritage), 1:04.47 (5ASQT)

Other Aurora results: 7. Sean Kim (Cherokee Trail), 1:03.36 (5ASQT); 14. Alex Moulton (Smoky Hill), 1:07.68

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. Smoky Hill (Alex Kohlman, Derek Liu, Aidan Mercer, Juhan Hong), 3 minutes, 19.75 seconds (5ASQT); 2. Fossil Ridge, 3:21.03 (5ASQT); 3. Discovery Canyon, 3:22.94 (5ASQT); 4. D’Evelyn, 3:23.84 (5ASQT); 5. Ponderosa, 3:24.09 (5ASQT); 6. Heritage, 3:30.00 (5ASQT)

Other Aurora results: 8. Smoky Hill Green (Ethan Evans, Artur Meletyan, Joseph Waite, Adithya Mohan), 3:37.65; 10. Cherokee Trail (Kamden Weis, Jay McBeth, Brandon Hawley, Eric Daugherty), 3:39.63; 13. Smoky Hill Red (Steven Tibbitts, Joey Pucciarelli, Conor Salazar, Sandy Wierzba), 3:47.09

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