THORNTON | Boys individual and relay top 20 placers from Aurora schools at the 2023 Class 5A boys swim & diving championships on May 12, 2023, at the Veterans’ Memorial Aquatic Center:

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CHEROKEE TRAIL: Hugh Mullen, jr. (19th, 50 yard freestyle); Bronson Smothers, soph. (3rd, 50 yard freestyle/12th, 100 yard freestyle). Relays: Hugh Mullen, Tyson Walker, Andrew Wilson, Bronson Smothers (11th, 400 yard freestyle); Tyson Walker, Bronson Smothers, Hugh Mullen, Andrew Wilson (16th, 200 yard medley relay); Josh Woren, Omari Henry, Andrew Wilson, Hugh Mullen (17th, 200 yard freestyle relay)

GRANDVIEW: Robert Hall, sr. (17th, 100 yard breaststroke); Matthew Scicchitano, sr. (10th, 100 yard breaststroke/13th, 200 yard indiv. medley); Oliver Schimberg, soph. (state champion, 100 yard backstroke/3rd, 100 yard butterfly); William Schimberg, sr. (16th, 200 yard freestyle/18th, 100 yard freestyle). Relays: Oliver Schimberg, Matthew Scicchitano, William Schimberg, Evan Higgins (5th, 200 yard medley relay); Evan Linnebur, Oliver Schimberg, Matthew Scicchitano, William Schimberg (9th, 400 yard freestyle relay); Ethan Finlay, Evan Higgins, Christian Burgeson, Evan Linnebur (10th, 200 yard freestyle relay)

OVERLAND: Chad Hamilton, soph. (20th, 1-meter diving)

REGIS JESUIT: Carter Anderson, sr. (4th, 50 yard freestyle/5th, 100 yard butterfly); Cruze Bailey, jr. (20th, 100 yard breaststroke); Hugh Boris, soph. (12th, 100 yard breaststroke); Davis Brown, fr. (18th, 100 yard backstroke); Angus Dugan, jr. (14th, 200 yard freestyle/20th, 100 yard butterfly); Truman Inglis, sr. (state champion, 50 yard freestyle/3rd, 100 yard freestyle); Harry Kerscher, sr. (6th, 100 yard backstroke/9th, 100 yard butterfly); Shepard Kerscher, soph. (15th, 100 yard breaststroke); Charlie Klein, sr. (7th, 100 yard backstroke/14th, 100 yard freestyle); Nolan Kohl, fr. (12th, 100 yard backstroke/15th, 200 yard freestyle); Ronan Krauss, sr. (4th, 200 yard freestyle/5th, 500 yard freestyle); Reid Magner, soph. (11th, 200 yard indiv. medley/13th, 500 yard freestyle); Owen Mulligan, jr. (10th, 200 yard freestyle/20th, 500 yard freestyle); Michael Sanchez, soph. (17th, 50 yard freestyle); Hawkins Wendt, sr. (6th, 50 yard freestyle/8th, 100 yard freestyle). Relays: Hawkins Wendt, Carter Anderson, Ronan Krauss, Truman Inglis (state champion, 200 yard freestyle relay); Hawkins Wendt, Ronan Krauss, Truman Inglis, Charlie Klein (3rd, 400 yard freestyle relay); Charlie Klein, Hugh Boris, Carter Anderson, Harry Kerscher (9th, 200 yard medley relay) 

SMOKY HILL: Jake Baker, jr. (4th, 500 yard freestyle); Sam Baker, jr. (12th, 200 yard indiv. medley/17th, 100 yard butterfly); Landon Brewer, jr. (10th, 100 yard freestyle/14th, 50 yard freestyle); Kyle Brushaber, jr. (12th, 200 yard freestyle); Ian Noffsinger, soph. (3rd, 500 yard freestyle); Daniel Yi, jr. (2nd, 100 yard breaststroke/3rd, 200 yard indiv. medley). Relays: Ben Brewer, Daniel Yi, Nicholas Gordon, Antonio Goris (8th, 200 yard medley relay); Landon Brewer, Kyle Brushaber, Sam Baker, Daniel Yi (8th, 400 yard freestyle); Landon Brewer, Nicholas Gordon, Kyle Brushaber, Antonio Goris (9th, 200 yard freestyle)

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