The medal podium for the 100 yard breaststroke at the Class 5A boys state swim meet included Smoky Hill sophomore Daniel Yi (second from right), who finished third, and senior teammate Joshua Nieves, right, who took fifth. The Buffaloes had three of the top-11 placers in the event as senior Isaac Yi won the consolation heat. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

THORNTON | Boys individual and relay top 20 placers from Aurora schools at the 2022 Class 5A boys swim & diving championships on May 14, 2022, at the Veterans’ Memorial Aquatic Center:

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AURORA PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Gavin Harding, jr. (19th, 100 yard butterfly); Liam Ross, sr. (9th, 1-meter diving)

CHEROKEE TRAIL: Tucker Meeks, sr. (14th, 100 yard freestyle/18th, 200 yard freestyle); Bronson Smothers, fr. (12th, 100 yard freestyle); Andrew Wilson, jr. (18th, 500 yard freestyle). Relays: Bronson Smothers, Hugh Mullen, Dominic McCoy, Tucker Meeks (12th, 200 yard freestyle) and Bronson Smothers, Hugh Mullen, Dominic McCoy, Tucker Meeks (11th, 400 yard freestyle)

GRANDVIEW: Matthew Scicchitano, jr. (14th, 100 yard breaststroke/15th, 200 yard indiv. medley)l Oliver Schimberg, fr. (5th, 100 yard backstroke/7th, 100 yard butterfly); William Schimberg, jr. (8th, 200 yard freestyle); Relays: Oliver Schimberg, Matthew Scicchitano, William Schimberg, Evan Higgins (7th, 200 yard medley); Kaden Jackson, Gavin Dixon, Evan Linnebur, Evan Higgins (13th, 200 yard freestyle) and William Schimberg, Oliver Schimberg, Matthew Scicchitano, Evan Higgins (5th, 400 yard freestyle)

REGIS JESUIT: Gio Aguirre, sr. (2nd, 100 yard freestyle/4th, 200 yard freestyle); Carter Anderson, jr. (5th, 100 yard butterfly/8th, 50 yard freestyle); Luke Dinges, sr. (4th, 100 yard butterfly/4th, 100 yard backstroke); Angus Dugan, fr. (10th, 200 yard freestyle); Mack Dugan, sr. (4th, 50 yard freestyle/4th, 100 yard freestyle); Truman Inglis, jr., (6th, 200 yard indiv. medley/13th, 100 yard freestyle); Harry Kerscher, jr. (3rd, 100 yard backstroke/5th, 200 yard indiv. medley); Charlie Klein, jr. (8th, 100 yard backstroke/11th, 100 yard freestyle); Ronan Krauss, jr. (2nd, 500 yard freesytle/6th, 200 yard freestyle); Dylan Mullen, sr. (7th, 1-meter diving); Owen Mulligan, soph. (19th, 500 yard freestyle); Jacob Sykora, sr. (10th, 50 yard freestyle); Hawkins Wendt, jr. (6th, 50 yard freestyle); Relays: Luke Dinges, Jacob Sykora, Carter Anderson, Hawkins Wendt (3rd, 200 yard medley); Carter Anderson, Mack Dugan, Hawkins Wendt, Gio Aguirre (2nd, 200 yard freestyle) and Mack Dugan, Ronan Krauss, Hawkins Wendt, Gio Aguirre (state champion, 400 yard freestyle)

SMOKY HILL: Jake Baker, soph. (5th, 500 yard freestyle); Sam Baker, soph. (14th, 200 yard indiv. medley); Brandon Bicknell, jr. (15th, 1-meter diving); Kyle Brushaber, soph. (17th, 200 yard freestyle); Joshua Nieves, sr. (5th, 100 yard breaststroke/18th, 50 yard freestyle); Ian Noffsinger, fr., (9th, 500 yard freestyle); Brayden Pearce, sr. (19th, 100 yard backstroke/20th, 100 yard butterfly); Daniel Yi, soph. (3rd, 100 yard breaststroke/12th, 200 yard indiv. medley); Isaac Yi, sr. (11th, 100 yard breaststroke); Relays: Brayden Pearce, Daniel Yi, Antonio Goris, Joshua Nieves (8th, 200 yard medley); Daniel Yi, Joshua Nieves, Isaac Yi, Antonio Goris (7th, 200 yard freestyle) and Antonio Goris, Jake Baker, Brayden Pearce, Isaac Yi (17th, 400 yard freestyle)