COLORADO SPRINGS | Team scores and individual results for the first round of the 2018 Class 5A boys state golf tournament played on Oct. 1, 2018, at the Colorado Springs Country Club:

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Team scores (par 213): 1. Lakewood 223; T2. Arapahoe 229; T2. Fossil Ridge 229; T4. REGIS JESUIT 231; T4. Cherry Creek 231;  6. Liberty 234; T7. Fairview 236; T7. Highlands Ranch 236; T7. Valor Christian 236; 10. CHEROKEE TRAIL 241; 11. Ralston Valley 242; 12. Legacy 247; GRANDVIEW, SMOKY HILL, Mountain Range, Arvada West, Broomfield,  Prairie View, Castle View, Chaparral, Heritage, Rocky Mountain, Mountain Vista, Columbine, ThunderRidge, Rock Canyon, Boulder, Dakota Ridge, Denver East, Fruita Monument, Chatfield, Grand Junction, Legend, Monarch, Brighton, Horizon no score

Aurora individuals (par 71): T7. Walker Fuller (Regis Jesuit) 74; T15. Bo Wardynski (Regis Jesuit) 77; T15. Chris Kennedy (Smoky Hill) 77; T20. Beam Boonta (Cherokee Trail) 78; T33. Andrew Jang (Cherokee Trail) 80; T33. Eddie Custy (Regis Jesuit) 80; T41. Freddie Ingham (Regis Jesuit) 81; T54. Alex Chitkoksoong (Grandview) 83; T54. Mason Bernard (Cherokee Trail) 83; T61. Kenny VanWormer (Grandview) 84

Top 10 individuals (par 71): 1. Connor Jones (Mountain Range) 68; 2. Ryan Liao (Lakewood) 71; T3. Brandon Bervig (Liberty) 72; T3. Dillon Stewart (Fossil Ridge) 72; T5. Noah Dibiase (Lakewood) 73; T5. Tarek Salem (Highlands Ranch) 73; T7. WALKER FULLER (REGIS JESUIT) 74; T7. Cade Kilkenny (Cherry Creek) 74; T7. Ty Findlow (Valor Christian) 74; 10. Caleb Busta (Arapahoe) 75

Other individual results

T11. Carson Kerr (Grand Junction) 76; T11. Owen Cornmesser (Fossil Ridge) 76; T11. Riley Rottschaefer (Arapahoe) 76; T11. Ryder Heuston (Fairview) 76; T15. BO WARDYSNKI (REGIS JESUIT) 77; T15. CHRIS KENNEDY (SMOKY HILL) 77; T15. Jonas Graham (Chaparral) 77; T15. Julian Drapela (Mountain Vista) 77; T15. Tyler Mulligan (Chaparral) 77; T20. Carter Kovarik (Cherry Creek) 78; T20. Grant Alqatami (Boulder) 78; T20. Jack Tickle (Arapahoe) 78; T20. William Chadwick (Fairview) 78; T25. Blake Katt (Legend) 79; T25. Cody Deneui (Highlands Ranch) 79; T25. Elisandro Aragon (Mountain Vista) 79; T25. Finn Olson (Rock Canyon) 79; T25. Grant Hoos (Legacy) 79; T25. Max Lange (Lakewood) 79; T25. Quinn Mosch (Cherry Creek) 79; T25. Ryan Sangchompuphen (Denver East) 79; T33. ANDREW JANG (CHEROKEE TRAIL) 80; T33. EDDIE CUSTY (REGIS JESUIT) 80; T33. Blake Andersen (Fruita Monument) 80; T33. Gage Messingham (Ralston Valley) 80; T33. Jack Larson (Ralston Valley) 80; T33. Jake Welch (Valor Christian) 80; T33. Lucas Howell (Liberty) 80; T33. Thomas Volpe (Monarch) 80; T41. FREDDIE INGHAM (REGIS JESUIT) 81; T41. Charlie Wang (Fossil Ridge) 81; T41. Jace Wright (Lakewood) 81; T44. Brett Reamon (Fairview) 82; T44. Jeff Nelson (Prairie View) 82; T44. Logan Byler (Valor Christian) 82; T44. Max Heupel (Chatfield) 82; T44. Nick Fallin (Rock Canyon) 82; T44. Ryan Jenson (Broomfield) 82; T44. Trey Kirschner (Ralston Valley) 82; T44. Tyler Barcelon (Liberty) 82; T44. Tyler Tyson (Arvada West) 82; T44. Zach Tyson (Arvada West) 82; T54. MASON BERNARD (CHEROKEE TRAIL) 83; T54. ALEX CHITKOKSOONG (GRANDVIEW) 83; T54. Ben McCormick (Legacy) 83; T54. Chris Jonell (Arapahoe) 83; T54. Hendrik Dekoning (Denver East) 83; T54. Jack Leibold (Heritage) 83; T54. Zach Cushman (Castle View) 83; T61. KENNY VANWORMER (GRANDVIEW) 84; T61. Brendan Fricke (Highlands Ranch) 84; T61. Jaden Park (Boulder) 84; T61. Ryan Bomareto (Horizon) 84; T61. Ty Nelson (Rocky Mountain) 84; T66. Josh Stouder (Fruita Monument) 85; T66. Matt Ammon (Legacy) 85; T66. Preston Gagon (Brighton) 85; T66. Ryan Hilleary (Highlands Ranch) 85; T70. Jimmy Asay (Columbine) 86; T70. Trevor White (Valor Christian) 86; 72. Nick Dinapoli (Chatfield) 87; T73. Brandon Alvarez (ThunderRidge) 88; T73. Colin Cazier (Fossil Ridge) 88; 75. Grant Myers (Monarch) 89; T76. Ben Lenahan (Ralston Valley) 90; T76. Ryan Kennedy (Legend) 90; T78. Alex McCoy (Liberty) 91; T78. Andrew Rankin (Brighton) 91; T78. Joseph Ashley (Dakota Ridge) 91; 81. Noah Vrencur (Fairview) 92; T82. Cameron Weckerly (Grand Junction) 93; T82. Cormac Arroyo (Legacy) 93; 84. Matthew Guenther (Horizon) 94

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