Cherokee Trail freshman Brayden Forte watches his putt travel on the green on Hole No. 9 at City Park G.C. in the opening round of the 2022 Class 5A boys state golf tournament on Oct. 3, 2022. (Photo by Courtney Oakes/Sentinel Colorado)

DENVER | Team scores and individual results for the opening round of the 2022 Class 5A boys state golf tournament played on Oct. 3, 2022, at City Park G.C. Aurora players and teams bold and uppercased:

Courtney Oakes is Sentinel Colorado Sports Editor. Reach him at [email protected] Twitter: @aurorasports. IG: Sentinel Prep Sports


First round, Oct. 3, at City Park G.C.

Team scores: 1. Fossil Ridge 204; 2. Rock Canyon 211; T3. Pine Creek 217; T3. Cherry Creek 217; 5. Arapahoe 219; 6. Highlands Ranch 220; T7. EAGLECREST 221; T7. Mountain Vista 221; 9. Heritage 222; 10. Castle View 224; T11. Ralston Valley 227; T11. ThunderRidge 227; T11. Valor Christian 227; 14. Boulder 228; 15. REGIS JESUIT 241

Top 10 individuals (par 70): 1. Austin Barry (Fossil Ridge) 64; 2. Charlie Tucker (Rock Canyon) 68; T3. Caleb Michaels (Monarch) 69; T3. Landon Houska (Fossil Ridge) 69; T3. Wesley Erling (Pine Creek) 69; T6. Brayden Scheich (Mountain Vista) 70; T6. Gavin Crowley (Heritage) 70; T6. Ian Hunn (Fort Collins) 70; T6. Luke Blankinship (Boulder) 70; T6. Spencer Schlagel (Legend) 70

Other individuals: T11. GREGORY WHITE (EAGLECREST) 71; T11. Grant Samuelson (Fossil Ridge) 71; T11. Hunter Glasser (Douglas County) 71; T11. Kyle Leydon (Brighton) 71; T11. Sawyer Sales (Fairview) 71; T11. Trey Kahrhoff (Rock Canyon) 71; T11. Wyatt Isgrig (Cherry Creek) 71; T18. NOAH BENNETT (EAGLECREST) 72; T18. Andre Dumonteil (Cherry Creek) 72; T18. Mountain Vista (Conner Scheich) 72; T18. Ethan Rainey (Valor Christian) 72; T18. Luke Cushman (Castle View) 72; T18. Mason Conrad (Rock Canyon) 72; T24. Aiden Krusoe (Highlands Ranch) 73; T24. Alex Lest (Columbine) 73; T24. Billy Verstraate (Highlands Ranch) 73; T24. Campbell McFadden (Valor Christian) 73; T24. Grant Juergens (Arapahoe) 73; T24. Mac Buckley (Arapahoe) 73; T24. Max Zadvorny (Arapahoe) 73; T31. Ben Cerretani (Legacy) 74; T31. Cooper (Moose) Brennan 74; T31. Gavin Amella (Castle View) 74; T31. Jack Bakken (Highlands Ranch) 74; T31. Jordan McCaslin (Ralston Valley) 74; T31. Luke Landskov (Arvada West) 74; T31. Luke Wright (Pine Creek) 74; T31. Makian Maydew (Ralston Valley) 74; T31. Pratham Parmar (Cherry Creek) 74; T31. Rylen Caldwell (Pine Creek) 74; T31. Sebastian Hein (Heritage) 74; T31. Talan Gover (Monarch) 74; T43. JAKE IRVINE (REGIS JESUIT) 75; T43. Austin Hunt (ThunderRidge) 75; T43. Dylan Everett (ThunderRidge) 75; T43. Joe Hickey (Arapahoe) 75; T43. Matai Naqica (Columbine) 75; T43. Yusuke Ogi (Arvada West) 75; T49. ROLAND THORNTON (REGIS JESUIT) 76; T49. Doug Holleman (Boulder) 76; T49. Jesse Hand (Chatfield) 76; T49. Kaden Davenport (Fossil Ridge) 76; T49. Payton Crawford (Prairie View) 76; T54. MICHAEL ROSMAN (GRANDVIEW) 77; T54. Ben Mackert (ThunderRIdge) 77; T54. Bielly Phasay (Westminster) 77; T54. Talen Turnbaugh (Douglas County) 77; T54. Trevor Seeley (Legend) 77; T59. ANDREW WHITE (EAGLECREST) 78; T59. Brody Mackey (Heritage) 78; T59. Kade Bracken (Castle View) 78; T59. Max Meland (Poudre) 78; T59. Miles Kuhl (Fairview) 78; T64. CHRISTOPHER O’DONNELL (CHEROKEE TRAIL) 79; T64. Deacon Colwell (Ralston Valley) 79; T64. Enzo Chung (Castle View) 79; T64. Luke Duffy (Mountain Vista) 79; T64. Luke Tourault (Legacy) 79; T64. Ryan Oro (ThunderRidge) 79; T70. BRAYDEN FORTE (CHEROKEE TRAIL) 80; T70. PRESTON UNREIN (EAGLECREST) 80; T70. Charlie Flaxbeard (Cherry Creek) 80; T70. Coby Puzio (Brighton) 80; T74. Nas Kim (Highlands Ranch) 81; T74. Oliver Gottesfeld (Denver East) 81; T76. Dylan Bundy (Valor Christian) 82; T76. Jack Chambers (Poudre) 82; T76. Maxwell Eide (Valor Christian) 82; T80. Bentley Barnett (Pine Creek) 83; T80. Elijah Johnson (Denver East) 83; 82. Eamon Sweeney (Boulder) 87; 83. ELI HANDLER (REGIS JESUIT) 90; COLE DEWEY (REGIS JESUIT) DQ

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