GOLDEN | First round scores from the Class 5A boys state golf tournament played on Oct. 5, 2020, at The Club at Rolling Hills. Tournament concludes Oct. 6. Aurora players bold and uppercased:

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Team scores (through first round, par 213): 1. Arapahoe 227; 2. Valor Christian 228; T3. Cherry Creek 235; T3. Fossil Ridge 235; T3. Rock Canyon 235; 6. Castle View 236; 7. Lakewood 238; 8. Ralston Valley 239; 9. REGIS JESUIT 242; 10. Arvada West 248; 11. Monarch 260; 12. Pine Creek 263; 13. Fort Collins 278; CHEROKEE TRAIL, GRANDVIEW no score

Top 10 individuals (par 71): T1. Graham Dzengelewski (Arapahoe) 73; T1. Wesley Erling (Pine Creek) 73; T3. Charlie Flaxbeard (Cherry Creek) 74; T3. Lucas Schulte (Valor Christian) 74; T5. Ty Nelson (Rocky Mountain) 75; T5. Colin Young (Valor Christian) 75; T7. Hayden Woelk (Liberty) 76; T7. Jeff Nelson (Prairie View) 76; T7. Ryan Liao (Lakewood) 76; T10. RYAN OCCHIONERO (REGIS JESUIT) 77; T10. Owen Cornmesser (Fossil Ridge) 77; T10. Will Kates (Arapahoe) 77; T10. Luke Cushman (Castle View) 77; T10. Grant Juergens (Arapahoe) 77; T10. Nick Fallin (Rock Canyon) 77

Other results (par 71): T16. Alex Rogers (Fossil Ridge) 78; T16. Kade Hayward (Fossil Ridge) 78; T16. Andrew Wright (Castle View) 78; T16. Gage Messingham (Ralston Valley) 78; T16. Trey Kirschner (Ralston Valley) 78; T21. Charlie Tucker (Rock Canyon) 79; T21. Drex Duffy (Columbine) 79; T21. Langdon Bradley (Valor Christian) 79; T21. Nathan Kim (Rock Canyon) 79; T25. ANDREW WHITE (EAGLECREST) 80; T25. KENNY VANWORMER (GRANDVIEW) 80; T25. Charlie Wang (Fossil Ridge) 80; T25. Logan Vandermerwe-Smith (Rocky Mountain) 80; T25. Matai Naqica (Columbine) 80; T25. Matthew Wilkinson (Arapahoe) 80; T25. Max Lange (Lakewood) 80; T25. Max Meland (Legend) 80; T25. Ryan Parker (Legend) 80; T25. Thomas Hicks (Cherry Creek) 80; T25. Tyler Tyson (Arvada West) 80; T36. TEDDY HUMMEL (REGIS JESUIT) 81; T36. Caleb Michaels (Monarch) 81; T36. Casey Jacobsen (Castle View) 81; T36. Jack Armstrong (Valor Christian) 81; T36. Jonathan Trigg (Cherry Creek) 81; T36. Josh Stouder (Fruita Monument) 81; T36. Zachary Tyson (Arvada West) 81; T43. Aiden Krusoe (Highlands Ranch) 82; T43. Jace Wright (Lakewood) 82; T45. Jack Larson (Ralston Valley) 83; T45. Sawyer Hyten (Broomfield) 83; T47. LIAM WOOD (REGIS JESUIT) 84; T47. Ben Reifschneider (Broomfield) 84; T47. Ryan Peragallo (Highlands Ranch) 84; T50. Blake Sullivan (Rock Canyon) 85; T50. Carson Kerr (Grand Junction) 85; T50. Dylan Everett (ThunderRidge) 85; T50. Gavin Crowley (Heritage) 85; T50. Kade Bracken (Castle View) 85; T55. TYLER CASSADAY (CHEROKEE TRAIL) 86; T55. Grant Samuelson (Fossil Ridge) 86; T57. Nick Bova (ThunderRidge) 87; T57. Yusuke Ogi (Arvada West) 87; T59. Alex Burns (Fort Collins) 88; T59. Jake White (Dakota Ridge) 88; T59. Matthew Guenther (Horizon) 88; T62. Deven Sehr (Legacy) 89; T62. Jackson Harberts (Monarch) 89; T62. Trey Valdez (Pine Creek) 89; T65. Dylan Beagle (Grand Junction) 90; T65. Ian Henderson (Monarch) 90; T65. Kyle Leydon (Brighton) 90; T65. Sam Knowlton (Fairview) 90; T65. Timothy Gibas (Legend) 90; T70. Brady Wiesinger (Horizon) 91; T70. Talen Turnbaugh (Douglas County) 91; T70. Tommy Hammond (Legacy) 91; T73. JOSH STONE (GRANDVIEW) 92; T73. Will Biancarelli (Lakewood) 92; T75. Jack Ballard (Fort Collins) 93; T75. Logan Biggerstaff (Cherry Creek) 93; T75. Max Hart (Dakota Ridge) 93; 78. Josh Lowrey (Mountain Vista) 94; T79. Camden Gray (Fort Collins) 97; T79. Luke Blankinship (Boulder) 97; T79. Trey Hamrman (Fairview) 97; 82. Jordan McCaslin (Ralston Valley) 98

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