OAKES: Aurora holes-in-one, June


Congratulations to some local golfers who have recorded recent holes-in-one on Aurora golf courses. To report holes-in-one, have courses send faxes to 303-750-7699 or email [email protected]:


June 27: Douglas Willson, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 5, 85 yards, Sand wedge. Witnesses: Unknown.

June 24: Alonzo Curtis, Centre Hills G.C., No. 8, 142 yards, 8 iron. Witnesses: Paris Butler, Steve Dirgo, Tom Hurd

June 18: Harley Wingo, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 9, 143 yards, 9 iron. Witnesses: Gene Yahn, Dave Melton, Ron Scholes

June 18: Randy Cayce, Springhill G.C., No. 14, 165 yards, 5 iron. Witness: Randy Smith

June 18: David Oakland, Aurora Hills G.C., No. 17, 167 yards, 6 iron. Witness: William Schmit

June 15: John Bergeron, Springhill G.C., No. 10, 124 yards, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Larry Sellers, Kyle Chamberlin, Gary Pierce

June 15: Bob Clay, Centre Hills G.C., No. 5, 109 yards, 9 iron. Witness: Dennis Tubbs.

June 13: Brandon Wood, Murphy Creek G.C., No. 7, 177 yards, 7. Witnesses: Jim Foster, A.C. Smith

June 5: Bruno Vitasovic, Springhill G.C., No. 6, 165 yards, 7 wood. Witnesses: Ed Romero, Jim Pate

June 1: Katrina Pride, Centre Hills G.C., No. 9, 150 yards, 3 wood. Witnesses: Dylan Pride, Scott Pride

June 1: Vic Boffa, Springhill G.C., No. 10, 124 yards, 7 iron. Witness: John Whiteman.


May 13: Myoung Ho Kim, Meadow Hills G.C., No. 2, 185 yards, 3 wood. Witnesses: Steven Kim, Wan Soon Hong, Chong Rhee

May 11: Doug Thompson, Murphy Creek G.C., No. 8, 190 yards, 6. Witnesses: Jamie Jones, Jesse Stine, Bill Pegler

May 6: Ray Best, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 9, 139 yards, 9 iron. Witnesses: Dick Johnson, Bill Fricke, Gene Yahn

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