Aurora holes-in-one, May, June, July 2022


Congratulations to some local golfers who have recorded holes-in-one on Aurora golf courses in May, June, July of 2022. To report holes-in-one, have courses email [email protected]:

July 24: Simon Kim, Meadow Hills G.C., No. 2, 189 yards, 5 wood. Witnesses: Jeff Lim, Nenny Ki Lee


July 23: Kirk Sprague, Springhill G.C., No. 17, 137 yards, utility wedge. Witnesses: Joshua Hastings, Ryan Strainy

July 22: Derek Harper, Murphy Creek G.C., No. 17, 225 yards, hybrid. Witnesses: Wes Severin, Eric Shuemake, Brian Coleman

July 14: “Papa” Georgio, Springhill G.C., No. 3, 139 yards. Witnesses: Chili Dawg, Charles Lairson, Fat Snak

July 13: Mike Oscepinski, Springhill G.C., No. 17, 134 yards, 8-iron. Witnesses: Aaron, Mason.

July 12: Vern Scott, Springhill G.C., No. 14, 179 yards, 6 iron. Witness: Everitt Bates

July 10: Lisa McKenna, Springhill G.C., No. 8, 120 yards, 9 iron. Witnesses: Sam, Mike, Mark.

June 24: Paul Lucks, Springhill G.C., No. 2, 207 yards, 3 wood. Witnesses: Sandy Lucks, Bill Hartrick, Pat Orbino

June 20: Billy Verstraate, Murphy Creek G.C., No. 8, 211 yards, 7. Witnesses: Nick Gismondi, Clint Summers III

June 13: Kevin Albien, Aurora Hills G.C., No. 3, 170 yards, 7 iron. Witnesses: Jim, Chris

June 9: Ann Marie Gray, Saddle Rock G.C., No. 5, 124 yards. Witnesses: Unknown

June 8: Dominik Fedotov, Meadow Hills G.C., No. 2, 141 yards, 8 iron

May 17: Larry Hagan, Springhill G.C., No. 11, 140 yards. Witness: Mike Connelly

May 15: Jeff Boevingloh, Meadow Hills G.C., No. 4, 128 yards, 8 iron. Witnesses: J. Solis, Gayle Boevingloh

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