AURORA | Pro-choice advocacy group NARAL Colorado’s political arm, the small donor committee, endorsed Omar Montgomery for Aurora mayor, saying he “would use his position to the best of his availability to ensure reproductive health issues are considered in city management decisions, and not as a separate issue.”

“Aurora is the third largest city in Colorado, and contains a large percentage of metro area residents, low income and single parent households, and abortion providers,” said NARAL Colorado executive director Karen Middleton. “The residents of Aurora and all of Colorado deserve leaders who understand the intersections of race and class, as well as economic justice and access to the full spectrum of healthcare. We believe Omar Montgomery, better than any candidate in the race, fully understands these intersections.”

While abortion rights remain a highly controversial state and federal issue, NARAL Colorado spokeswoman Laura Chapin said there’s room for municipal governments to have an impact, mainly through zoning regulations and so-called “bubble laws,” which ensure protestors don’t block clinic entries.

“We must make sure that we don’t legislate at the state, federal, and municipal level what a woman can or can’t do with her own body,” Montgomery said in a statement about the endorsement. “It’s about equal rights and access to health care. As leaders we have to be courageous and we can’t be scared to speak on issues that affect our community. The people of Aurora should know that I will speak out and be their champion on health care and reproductive rights. I believe that an endorsement from NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado tells residents of our city that I stand with women. I am proud to have this endorsement.”

Chapin said the group reached out to each mayor candidate and met with nearly all of them before endorsing Montgomery.

— KARA MASON, Staff Writer