As the coronavirus pandemic expects to linger through the fall, Eaglecrest High School has postponed the induction ceremony for its Athletics & Activities Hall of Fame until 2021.

For the past six years, the school has inducted a class of impactful figures from its past in athletics, the theater and many other extracurricular arenas for their contributions to the nearly 30-year-old school.

According to Eaglecrest athletic director Vince Orlando, the Hall of Fame’s next induction ceremony is scheduled to take place in November of 2021. Nominations for the Hall of Fame — candidates must be graduated from the school for at least five years — will carried over for the next year for consideration by a selection panel made up of school administrators, community members and the local media.

The Eaglecrest Hall of Fame has 29 members after four (Terrill Cameron, Lindsay Keller (Easton), Jenny Potts-Baca and Jack Stephens) were inducted in 2019.

Courtney Oakes, Sports Editor


2019: Terrill Cameron (football/basketball/baseball), Lindsey Keller (Easton) (track, cheer), Jenny Potts-Baca (cheer, performing arts) and Jack Stephens (performing arts)

2018: April Thomas (cross country/track & field), Melissa Westhoff (soccer/cross country), Basil (BJ) Williams (football/basketball/track & field) and Gage Wooten (basketball) — Bios

2017: Sola Abolaji (boys soccer), Jasper Armstrong (football), Nick Harper (boys lacrosse) and Courtney Karst (volleyball) — Bios

2016: Aubrey Mable (softball/golf/basketball), John Green (coach/athletic director), Zak Edwards(performing arts), Doug Moreland (volunteer), Kevin Yu (tennis) and Jennifer Condreay (teacher/theater director) — Bios

2015: Ralph Gorton (volunteer), Lisa Roberts (Sprague) (softball, lacrosse, basketball), Kristen Schevikhoven (volleyball), Kimberly Tedder-Avalos (theater), Stacey Timberman (cheer) and Gregory Treco (theater, dance, vocal music) — Bios

2014: J.J. Billingsley (football/track & field), Damian Brown (football), Ben Baum (basketball), Tara Mendozza (DeCrescentis) (cross country, track & field) and Stacey Jennings (softball) — Bios