With a few differences, the second version of the Continental vs. Centennial Challenge boys basketball tournament opens Wednesday.

The three-day round-robin tournament hosted by Heritage High School in Littleton features a total of 16 teams from the Centennial League — including Aurora schools Cherokee Trail, Eaglecrest, Grandview and Overland — and the Continental League, including Aurora’s Regis Jesuit.

Another city team joined the mix this season when Rangeview of the EMAC was added into the Centennial League side to replace Smoky Hill, which pulled out as it is in search of a new head coach this offseason. Lakewood joins the Continental League group in place of Highlands Ranch, which also is transitioning to a new coaching staff this offseason.

The Continental League earned bragging rights at last season’s inaugural Continental vs. Centennial Challenge as all eight of its teams finished with at least a .500 record and ThunderRidge — which later made it to the Class 5A state championship game during the regular season — came through a perfect 6-0 to lead the way, while four other teams — including Regis Jesuit, which had Aurora’s best mark — posted 5-1 marks.

Eaglecrest finished with the best record among Aurora’s Centennial League teams at 4-2, starting off 4-0 before dropping its last two contests.

Summer teams are often missing several key players and coaches, but can still give a glimpse of some of the new talent on rosters. Some of the key role players on Overland’s 5A state championship team played in last season’s tournament.

A rematch of the 5A state title game between Overland and ThunderRidge is set to take place at 2 p.m. June 18 in the Main Gym.

— Sports Editor Courtney Oakes


June 17-19 at Heritage High School

Continental Teams: Chaparral, Heritage, Lakewood (added), Legend, Mountain Vista, Regis Jesuit, Rock Canyon, ThunderRidge

Centennial Teams: Arapahoe, Cherokee Trail, Cherry Creek, Eaglecrest, Grandview, Mullen, Overland, Rangeview (added)


8-9 a.m.: EAGLECREST vs. ThunderRidge (Main Gym); Arapahoe vs. Heritage (Auxiliary Gym); 9-10 a.m.: Heritage vs. EAGLECREST (Main Gym) ThunderRidge vs. Arapahoe (Auxiliary Gym); 10-11 a.m.: CHEROKEE TRAIL vs. Chaparral (Main Gym); Rock Canyon vs. GRANDVIEW  (Auxiliary Gym); 11 a.m.-noon: Rock Canyon vs. CHEROKEE TRAIL (Main Gym); Chaparral vs. GRANDVIEW (Auxiliary Gym); Noon-1 p.m.: REGIS JESUIT vs. RANGEVIEW (Main Gym); Lakewood vs. Cherry Creek (Auxiliary Gym); 1-2 p.m.: Cherry Creek vs. REGIS JESUIT (Main Gym); Lakewood vs. RANGEVIEW (Auxiliary Gym); 2-3 p.m.: Mountain Vista vs. Mullen (Main Gym); Legend vs. OVERLAND  (Auxiliary Gym); 3-4 p.m.: Legend vs. Mullen (Main Gym); Mountain Vista vs. OVERLAND (Auxiliary Gym)


8-9 a.m.: REGIS JESUIT vs. GRANDVIEW (Main Gym); Heritage vs. CHEROKEE TRAIL (Auxiliary Gym); 9-10 a.m.: REGIS JESUIT vs. CHEROKEE TRAIL (Main Gym); GRANDVIEW vs. Heritage (Auxiliary Gym); 10-11 a.m.: EAGLECREST vs. Mountain Vista (Main Gym); Lakewood vs. Arapahoe (Auxiliary Gym); 11 a.m.-noon: Arapahoe vs. Mountain Vista (Main Gym); EAGLECREST vs. Lakewood (Auxiliary Gym); Noon-1 p.m.: Legend vs. RANGEVIEW (Main Gym); Chaparral vs. Cherry Creek (Auxiliary Gym); 1-2 p.m.: Legend vs. Cherry Creek (Main Gym); Chaparral vs. RANGEVIEW (Auxiliary Gym); 2-3 p.m.: ThunderRidge vs. OVERLAND (Main Gym); Rock Canyon vs. Mullen (Auxiliary Gym); 3-4 p.m.: Rock Canyon vs. OVERLAND (Main Gym); ThunderRidge vs. Mullen (Auxiliary Gym)


8-9 a.m.: Heritage vs. RANGEVIEW (Main Gym); Cherry Creek vs. Mountain Vista (Auxiliary Gym); 9-10 a.m.: Heritage vs. Cherry Creek (Main Gym); Mountain Vista vs. RANGEVIEW (Auxiliary Gym); 10-11 a.m.: Arapahoe vs. Chaparral (Main Gym); EAGLECREST vs. Rock Canyon (Auxiliary Gym); 11 a.m.-noon: Arapahoe vs. Rock Canyon (Main Gym); Chaparral vs. EAGLECREST (Auxiliary Gym); Noon-1 p.m.: GRANDVIEW vs. ThunderRidge (Main Gym); Legend vs. CHEROKEE TRAIL (Auxiliary Gym); 1-2 p.m.: Legend vs. GRANDVIEW (Main Gym); ThunderRidge vs. CHEROKEE TRAIL (Auxiliary Gym); 2-3 p.m.: Lakewood vs. OVERLAND (Main Gym); Mullen vs. REGIS JESUIT  (Auxiliary Gym); 3-4 p.m.: Mullen vs. Lakewood (Main Gym); OVERLAND vs. REGIS JESUIT (Auxiliary Gym)

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