Aurora holes-in-one, April & May


Congratulations to some local golfers who have recorded recent holes-in-one on Aurora golf courses. To report holes-in-one, have courses send faxes to 303-750-7699 or email [email protected]:


May 28: Dick Dean, Saddle Rock G.C., No. 14, 158 yards, 8 iron. Witness: Rich Silver.

May 27: Ryan Amsbury, Murphy Creek G.C., No. 8, 183 yards, 7 wood. Witnesses: James Anderson, Mike Maloney.

May 26: Scott Little, Murphy Creek G.C., No. 8, 196 yards, 6 iron. Witness: Anthony Glaziano.

May 24: Ed Kelly, Springhill G.C., No. 3, 143 yards, 8 iron. Witnesses: Regina Edmondson, Omar Montgomery.

May 22: Winnie Fleming, Murphy Creek G.C., No. 11, 120 yards, 3 wood. Witnesses: Terry Barbo, DeeAnn Knudsen, Gini Klein.

May 18: Doug Clark, Saddle Rock G.C., No. 16, 175 yards, 8 iron. Witnesses: Trevor Clark, Tyler Clark, Xander Opel.

May 18: Lonnie Olivar, Fitzsimson G.C., No. 9, 139 yards, pitching wedge. Witnesses: Kevin Albien, Chris Bruce, Eric Martin.

May 17: Nick Delap, Aurora Hills G.C., No. 3, 180 yards, 6 iron. Witness: Jeff Smith.

May 10: Kyle Waldschmidt, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 14, 206 yards, 5 iron. Witnesses: Drew Firebaugh, Jim Gordon.

May 7: Wes Sthole, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 11, 200 yards, 7 wood. Witnesses: Denny, Craig, Walter.


April 24: Gary Wardlow, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 9, 132 yards, 9 Srixon. Witnesses: Gary Gradosville, Bill Musselman, Scott Quigley

Courtney Oakes, Sports Editor