Aurora holes-in-one, June


Congratulations to some local golfers who have recorded recent holes-in-one on Aurora golf courses. To report holes-in-one, have courses send faxes to 303-750-7699 or email [email protected]:

June 2: Leonard Taylor, Centre Hills G.C., No. 3, 152 yards, 9 iron. Witnesses: Ryan Burham, Danny Burham

June 2: Terry Pickrell, Murphy Creek G.C., No. 17, 203 yards, 3 wood. Witnesses: Jim Macdonald, Leroy, Vic

June 9: Joe Frank, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 5, 85 yards, 9 iron. Witnesses: John Frank, Don Munson, Leonard Cardenas

June 10: Otis Moore, Meadow Hills G.C., No. 13, 129 yards, 8 iron. Witnesses: Rick Harden

June 11: Ryan Pospeck, Meadow Hills G.C., No. 2, 181 yards, 7 iron. Witnesses: Paul Pospeck

June 11: Max Rodgers, Centre Hills G.C., No. 4, 165 yards, 6 iron. Witnesses: Stephen Harg

June 12: Sal LaRosa, Springhill G.C., No. 9, 180 yards, 6 iron. Witnesses: Cary Callihan, Matt Reichel, Andy Sommer

June 14: Dan Lord, Centre Hills G.C., No. 8, 146 yards, 7 iron. Witnesses: Dan Whetstone, Aaron Freeman

June 21: Michael Storer, Fitzsimons G.C., No. 5, 85 yards, Gap 52. Witnesses: Michael Bower, Tom Glidewell

June 26: Larry Sellers, Springhill G.C., No. 17, 178 yards, 9 iron. Witnesses: Jim Mullen, Dan Shaver, Mike Mounts

June 27: Joan McCormack, Centre Hills G.C., No. 9, 102 yards, 7 iron. Witnesses: Dan McCormack, T. Archuleta

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