RTD to begin equity analysis, fare study next month


DENVER | In an effort to address cost and reach people who depend on public transit the most, the Regional Transportation District will launch a comprehensive study of its fares and a fare equity analysis beginning in May.

The study will take about 18 months, according to the district, and is being conducted “to ensure that the agency is doing all it can to make its services more accessible.”

RTD’s fares are some of the most expensive in the transit industry, and RTD staff say they have received several requests since the beginning of the pandemic to reevaluate its fair structure. 

A local day pass can cost up to $6, a regional day pass up to $10.50 and monthly passes are either $114 or $200.

“I realize that the current fare structure is burdensome for many RTD customers,” said RTD General Manager and CEO Debra Johnson in a statement. “It compromises those who use transit the most, a viewpoint we have heard from the public for some time now and that I have heard in earnest since assuming my role in November.”

The study will seek input from community members, RTD employees and local leaders, and will do outreach to communities of color, veterans, citizens, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ community, the release said. 

The process will begin with a conversation with RTD’s board of directors, who will discuss recommendations from past studies. Any changes from the current study will be implemented in 2023.


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Dennis Duffy
Dennis Duffy
1 year ago

My Gawd these people are stupid … the color of your skin, your sexual preferences, veteran status, wealth (well maybe) has nothing to do with this mess, it is just too expensive no matter who you are. RTD has to find another source of operating income other than ridership. Its cheaper to drive your gas guzzling car to work rather than take RTD…. Plus the last few blocks can be a huge hassle if there is no matrix of connectivity from the rail line. It needs to be dirt cheap, no more than a dollar to anywhere. Dont talk about climate change and keep public transportation this expensive…