RTD looking for public comment on Aurora route changes


AURORA | The Regional Transportation District has a plan to grow and change its Denver-area transit routes over the next five years and is asking for public feedback by Feb. 9.

According to a news release from the City of Aurora, The System Optimization Plan that RTD hopes to have adopted by March was developed to mitigate the loss of riders — a problem which worsened during the pandemic, as remote work became the norm and the number of commuters across the metro area dwindled.

The plan is also meant to improve service, ensure financial stability and address changing patterns of demand.

Members of the public can look up how local routes would change under the district’s proposals and submit comments by using the online mapping tool at fhueng.mysocialpinpoint.com/reimagine-rtd.

The district is also taking comments at [email protected] and 303-489-7792.

More information about the two-year Reimagine RTD process that birthed the plan is available at www.rtd-denver.com/reimagine.


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Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown
1 year ago

With another 2 million people coming to Colorado, our local highway network will not keep up and many travel times will likely double. The solution is to live near your workplace or get a new job.

RTD works for such a small minority of residents, isn’t time to radically scale it way back? It’s a massive band-aid that’s failed years ago and we keep throwing good money after bad.

People will not ride the buses and trains two hours to get to work!

Den Voran
1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Brown

Jeff, do you want a mandate that people move or switch jobs?