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QUID HAS HEARD that some city nabobs are richer for having lent their lives to city council public service, but it’s only because they come from such meager beginnings. This all became apparent during a recent discussion about the lives of kiddies in the back-seats of cars motored by busy moms and dads all over town. The quandary is about those lives as they rush past drive-thru windows all over town. At one point every tot in the city has had to pick what kind of pop they want with their nuggets, nachos, hot-dog or ‘rito. No mas, says Councilor Angela Lawson. In an effort to pick up where better parents won’t leave off, Lawson says there ought to be a law against pushing sugar on kids. She wants to make it so that Franny’s Frito Pie or Bradley’s Big Burger Bomb comes with a cup of water or a mug of milk — unless an irresponsible parent pushes past their guilt and their kiddo’s wild yowling and gets a Coke for those small fries. The proposition first snagged calls of nannyism, and then the discussion devolved into how poor kids suck up more pop. This led to a poverty challenge where Councilor Francoise Bergan wagered her childhood in a mobile home was a much better meme of poverty than Councilor Juan Marcano’s tale of having little but fast food to eat and no one to yank the Dr. Pepper out of his hand to save his teeth.  That McD’s hotcake breakfast busting with 48 grams of sugar and almost 1,400 calories? Might come with water.