Partner of late House Minority Leader vows to lead campaign for health screenings while filling seat


DENVER | The partner of late House Minority Leader Hugh McKean has been sworn in and will serve out the remainder of the 73rd General Assembly, vowing to push for health screenings in the weeks closing out McKean’s term.

“While committee obligations have been fulfilled and all votes cast for this 73rd General Assembly, in the next several weeks, I will run one last campaign for Hugh,” Amy Parks said upon being sworn in Nov. 28 by Speaker Alec Garnett. “I will work with House staff to promote a healthier Colorado no-cost incentive campaign — to include early heart disease screenings. If we can save just one life with Hugh’s platform, I will have finished his work.”

McKean died unexpectedly of a heart attack Oct. 30. He was running unopposed for his seat, which encompasses Loveland and surrounding communities in Larimer County. Parks was chosen by a vacancy committee to fill the seat until the new legislative session begins on Jan. 9. Republican Ron Weinberg, also chosen by the vacancy committee, will then take the reins and represent the district through the 74th General Assembly.

Now-Minority Leader Rod Pelton thanked Parks for her commitment to serving the district and addressing health care in Colorado. 

“The need for low cost, early health screening should not be a partisan issue. It’s important we as legislators bring attention to this issue,” he said. 

Parks was chosen fill McKean’s seat on Nov. 17. Upon McKean’s death, before the election, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office said votes would be counted in the HD51 race, and then a vacancy committee could appoint a new member for the upcoming term. 

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