Official: Elbert County clerk gave election hard drive copies to attorneys


DENVER | Colorado’s Democratic Secretary of State said Friday she is consulting with the state’s top prosecutor in a case of a Republican election official who allegedly copied his voting system’s hard drive, which then got in the hands of two unauthorized attorneys.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold released a statement alleging that Elbert County Clerk and Recorder Dallas Schroeder made the copies of his election system hard drive while getting direction on the phone from two people who don’t work in his office. Two attorneys Griswold said are “unauthorized” to possess election system information now have those copies.

Griswold said she is consulting with the Colorado Attorney General’s office in the matter. She is ordering Schroeder to provide more information about the breach.

Schroeder did not immediately return a call for comment. Last fall he joined a lawsuit to compel an audit of Colorado’s elections system that was filed by supporters of former President Donald Trump’s lies about widespread election fraud.

He is the second Republican election clerk in Colorado associated with Trump’s election falsehoods to get entangled in a possible breach of state election systems. Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was barred by a court from running last year’s election and is under investigation in connection to a breach of the system there.

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3 months ago

Another useful idiot.

3 months ago

Interesting to see what use a couple attorneys would have for such information… Unless they are looking at a law suit against the county or state… hummm I know there is dirt somewhere just waiting to bubble to the surface. May not be “LIES” may just be corruption (that pays better).