New Cherry Creek School District policy limits public comment to people with connections to district


AURORA | The Cherry Creek School District revised its public comment policy to clarify that speakers must reside within the district or have some connection to Cherry Creek.

The updated policy was voted on unanimously as part of the consent agenda at Monday’s school board meeting. In order to be eligible to address the board speakers must be:

-residents of the district

-parents of currently enrolled students

-current or former district students

-current district employees, or

-individuals invited by the board or superintendent to address a specific topic

District spokesperson Abbe Smith said that there have been numerous instances over the past several months of people coming to speak at the board meetings who do not live in the area and are not connected to the district. Several of the board’s past meetings have been dominated by hours of contentious public comment about mask mandates and critical race theory.

The policy also states that the board has the authority to limit the total amount of public comment time at meetings. Sonja McKenzie, Cherry Creek’s legal counsel, said that was more of a clarification than a change since the board has always had that power.

Under the new guidelines, speakers must sign up by noon on the day of the meeting and provide their full name, address, phone number and email address.


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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
29 days ago

This is appropriate. Board meetings may be open to attendance by all, but only invested stakeholders should be allowed to address the board without invitation or approval, and speaking time should be limited. Everybody has an opinion, but any elected board cannot simply let someone go on as long as he likes. We are having far-too-many public meetings that last until the wee hours of the next day. There have to be limits.

We all know that those people send their operatives to every meeting to give the appearance that the public at large supports their agenda. The public at large does not, and is tired of being bullied. Some people even take their clothes off, for God’s sake, while others have to be removed from the premises. Eventually the public will tire of these people and their tactics.