Nearly 60,000 voters haven’t received their ballots yet, but should soon, said clerk office


About 60,000 voters in Aurora, Thornton and Brighton have yet to receive ballots in the mail, according to the Adams County Clerk and Recorder office, but the ballots should arrive soon.

Julie Jackson, a spokesperson for Adams County, said a vendor truck carrying the ballots failed to deliver its payload to a mailing facility last week. The truck has since delivered the ballots, and Jackson expects voters to receive them on Wednesday and Thursday.

Of the 60,000 ballots, about 19,000 are for registered Democrats, 17,000 for Republicans, 24,000 for unaffiliated voters, and 1,000 for third-parties.

Jackson said the clerk’s office was still working to find out why the truck was late.

County clerks must receive ballots by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 6, to be counted. Voters can either mail the ballots or physically drop them off at various locations, which are listed on the Adams County clerk website.

The delayed ballots may be an issue for elderly and disabled residents of an Aurora trailer park, according to resident Maggie Kutcha. She said her and her husband haven’t received their ballots in the mail, and believed that many other residents of Green Acres Adult Community, near the intersection of I-225 and Colfax Avenue, haven’t received ballots either.

“There are 209 units, and there’s a lot of seniors, a lot of retired people, some disabled,” Kutcha said. “No one has gotten their ballots.”

Kutcha and her husband typically drop off their ballots nearby, she said, and she’s open to delivering ballots for other residents.

She is also concerned about voter suppression, citing controversies in Georgia and North Dakota over voter registration requirements.

“We’re the lowlifes here, but a lot of us vote,” Kutcha said.