Masks no longer required in outdoor gathering spaces in Tri-County region


AURORA | Aurorans and many other residents in the Tri-County region no longer have to wear face coverings in outdoor spaces, health officials decided Monday night. 

The Tri-County Health Department’s new order will be in place at least until June 30, according to a news release from the department. 

Dr. John Douglas, executive director of Tri-County Health, said in a statement that residents still need to wear masks indoors to continue reducing viral spread. A number of COVID-19 variants and the ongoing vaccine rollout, he said, still pose some risks. 

‘We’re not out of the woods yet,” Douglas said in the statement. “Until every person has had the opportunity to get the COVID-19 vaccine, many in our communities remain at risk for serious illness from this virus. By continuing to wear face coverings we can protect our friends and loved ones and minimize the impact that outbreaks have on our schools and businesses.”

Under the new order, people age 10 and older still have to cover their nose and mouth with a face cover, such as a mask, indoors. Previously, Tri-County denizens had to wear a mask when encountering another person within six feet outdoors. 

The rules will apply in Adams County and in Arapahoe County west of Watkins. Douglas County, plus a handful of municipalities including Glendale and Parker, already opted out of Tri-County’s mask rules. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, masks are a tool to reduce viral transmission and contain the virus. 

“Mask-wearing will be especially important as our businesses are allowed to more fully re-open over the next six weeks,” Tri-County wrote in its news release.

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Emily L Carroll
Emily L Carroll
2 months ago

My husband and I will still wear masks indefinitely. We’re a bit apprehensive about who has gratefully had their vaccination and who still believe it’s a hoax and refused. Just sayin’….

2 months ago

Polis hates small business and has gone out of his way to destroy as many small businesses as he can. He has intentionally done harm to families and their ability to keep jobs. He’s caused the suicide rates to quadruple in the state of Colorado because of his tyrannical mask order. Keep this in mind when he comes up for re-election. Do you really want a murderer as a governor…