Maintenance to disrupt Aurora’s R Line and H Line Tuesday, Wednesday


AURORA | Maintenance work on overhead wire along the H and R lines are expected to impact light rail riders in Aurora July 6 and 7, according to the Regional Transportation District. 

Service will be suspended between Nine Mile and Belleview stations for the R Line and Nine Mile and Southmoore stations for the H Line. 

Bus shuttles will be available as following, though RTD suggests riders look for alternative transportation:

For R Line:

  • Nine Mile Station: Board bus shuttle at Gate E
  • Dayton Station: Board bus shuttle at temporary gate
  • Belleview Station: Board bus shuttle at Gate A

There will be normal service along the R Line from Peoria Station to Nine Mile and from Lincoln Station to Belleview Station.

For H Line:

  • Nine Mile Station: Board bus shuttle at Gate E
  • Dayton Station: Board bus shuttle at temporary gate
  • Southmoor Station: Board bus shuttle at Gate A

There will be a modified schedule from Florida Station to Nine Mile Station along the H Line and from Southmoor Station to 18th & California Station. RTD says riders should plan for delays.

Regular service is expected to resume Thursday.

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
2 months ago

I look for the ‘R’ line to go away. It cannot sustain itself under current ridership. I watch as the train goes by every day, almost completely empty. I don’t know how-much longer RTD can tolerate a loss leader.

But know that most of the problem lies with RTD’s board, which allowed the City to make substantial changes to the route, each one of which contributes to the problem. I mentioned this to people at the time of construction.

I knew we were in trouble when they ditched plans for a park-and-ride at the SW corner of Mississippi & 225. Lots of free parking. Instead, the City convinced RTD to put a stop at Florida (and on the east side of the highway, no less) where there is not-a-single parking space and where the City had to spend $1 million to erect a pedestrian crossover. That is the kind of waste of taxpayers dollars that I decry. The line was originally supposed to run right down the middle of the median on 225, but that was detoured by the City that wanted a transit-oriented development on Iliff, again with little parking. In that case, the City bought land and built a parking garage. More waste. So the train crosses over to the east one location, then back again at a subsequent location. And train fly-overs all along the way that wouldn’t have been necessary had the original plan been followed. And the detour to go around to the east side of the Mall causes the trains to cross roadways, never a good idea, as cities and RTD have found out, all too late. Ad a stop at 2nd & Abilene in the middle of nowhere? WTF? (Another transit-oriented development, a City pie-in-the-sky idea.)

Millions of dollars were wasted by RTD and the City, and now, when the service is cancelled, it will be the citizens who suffer. Yet and still, we survived for decades without the ‘R’ line, and so we shall again.