LETTERS: Tom Kim is the right choice to protect kids


Editor: My wife Maria and I strongly endorse Tom Kim for State Senate District 27.  We know that Tom has the right approach to real school safety – something that is needed in our policy discussions.

We lost our son, Kendrick Castillo, when he was killed by a shooter at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch in 2019. We advocate for early education mentorship, school safety transparency and armed personnel inside schools.

Early education mentorships will address the mental health issues that so many children and teens are facing today.

We need transparency through school boards and school administrations on mental and physical threat assessments, so parents can see what is happening at their children’s schools.

We need armed personnel at schools because we can’t just wait for law enforcement to arrive on scene.

We have talked with Tom Kim about our approach and know he will support such measures as we all work to find real solutions to the school safety dilemma.

John Castillo, via [email protected]

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2 months ago

How about armed guards in stores? Movie theaters? Houses of worship? Outdoor concerts? Malls? Where does the madness of arming our society end?

Hypocrisy Monitor
Hypocrisy Monitor
2 months ago
Reply to  GeneD

We protect our deposited money, our government officials, our mints, our corporate executives, our movie stars, our casinos, and many other potential targets with armed security. And, for the record, also already churches, concerts and certain stores.

Is it madness to harden the target that is our children? Are they not worth the protection? Are they more expendable than the Benjamins?

Bart Emanuel
Bart Emanuel
2 months ago

I won’t be satisfied until every living, breathing thing on this planet is strapped. Only then will we know peace.