LETTERS: To make government effective, Sens. Hickenlooper, Bennet should support ending filibuster


Editor: It is critical that Congress address the numerous crises facing America right now. States need economic support to deal with the pandemic. Americans need economic relief personally and for their shuttered businesses until the pandemic is controlled. We need to view these and all challenges through the lens of doing no further harm to the climate and assuring there is racial equity. Our criminal justice system needs reform to assure justice is for all, regardless of race and economic position.

I, personally, sent over a thousand hand-written postcards to voters in Georgia to assure President Biden would have the backing to these pillars of his campaign. We must not let the importance and urgency of addressing the challenges facing America be undermined by one person.

I urge Senators Hickenlooper and Bennet to support eliminating the Jim Crow era filibuster. Half of the Senate represents 40 million more voters than the other half. They must use that clout. Pass some bills. Show that government can do good things.

— Dale Rottschafer via [email protected]

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Doug King
1 month ago