LETTERS: State lawmakers must step up on pandemic policies


Editor: Global COVID-19 deaths: 5-17 million. U.S. deaths: More than 800,000. Colorado deaths: 10,000+. Many times this number long-term or permanently disabled.

Since there are no global public health measures to prevent the spread of the virus, we leave it up to nations.

Since there are next to no federal public health measures, we leave it up to states.

Since there are next to no Colorado public health measures, we leave it up to counties.

Since there are next no public health measures in most counties, and the ones that have them almost never enforce them, we leave it up to private businesses.

Which means the best protection we have against spreading the virus where people gather, particularly grocery stores, is masking. Yet barely any Colorado businesses enforce masking. The stated reason? Fear of anti-masker violence.

If lawmakers choose to pass the buck of public health down to grocery store employees, we must have a law to protect them when they ask customers to mask up.

We at Colorado Covid Watch (a citizen watchdog group of medical professionals and journalists) expect our elected officials to quickly pass a law that would incur steep penalties for anyone threatening violence over public health measures, while making assault or battery in such instances a felony, akin to existing hate crime laws.

Anything less from our lawmakers is to effectively stand aside during one of the deadliest crises modern civilization has ever faced.

Josh Schlossberg, via [email protected]

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s c
s c
18 days ago


Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
17 days ago

Very good idea.

Joe Felice
Joe Felice
11 days ago

We should not leave it up to states, who then leave it up to counties, who then leave it up to cities, who then leave it up to school districts! This is called “passing the buck” simply because politicians are afraid to take the bull by the horns. Some people may not like it, but what we need are federal laws that control behavior nationwide, so that everyone, regardless of status or beliefs is doing the same things to help minimize the virus’ attacks on us. We need to quit having “blue” states and “red” states, but just American states, in which everyone has the same requirements and protections. I think this is why were are called the UNITED States.