LETTERS: Silent majority needs to take a stand


Editor: Unfortunately, I think it has come down to this. If middle-class, work-a-day, family-oriented, patriotic Americans are not out there regularly manning the barricades to stop America’s great slide into oblivion, then guess who the real problem is in America?

Not Democrats, not Republicans, not the far right or the far left, not climate or abortion activists, not immigrants, not racism, sexism, not church-going people or atheists, not the homeless, not liars, cheats, and thieves, but YOU, the one sitting on your hands in a democracy. And by manning the barricades I mean that figuratively. Violence is not the solution. Public safety, health, and education are the solutions.

The first problem that needs to be dealt with aside from so-called good people doing nothing while the nation burns, is bad behavior in the neighborhood and the city. Every adult citizen needs to get educated about crime, including the things that factor into criminal behavior, like disintegrating families and poorly performing educational programs.
Every citizen needs to be a part of the crime prevention effort. And if you folks in the silent majority don’t see that as part of your responsibility then maybe it is time for YOU to find a new flag to fly and let immigrants and minorities and activists hungry for health and happiness take your place.

Kimball Shinkoskey, via [email protected]

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13 days ago

100% agree. We have become a society intent on excusing bad behavior and marginalizing personal responsibility in the name of “equity,” “racism” or some other politicized word-weapon.

We’ve replaced millions of fathers with government. Ignored the pathologies of domestic cultures. We excuse criminals as victims of circumstance. We glorify the worst “entertainers” and give them an outsized voice. We vilify police using a twisted narrative and the actions of a few. We are secretly condescending to those who fight for our freedom. We warp and confuse our children instead of setting an example. We have convinced an entire generation that humans are the enemy of the planet and that the systems that raised millions from poverty are evil. Black is white. Good is evil. Up is down. And we are throwing away centuries-old norms because a generation is now convinced that they are smarter and better than all who came before them.

Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
13 days ago
Reply to  Blaze

You want to return to some halcyon time that never existed. It doesn’t work like that. Life doesn’t work like that. Your reference to “centuries-old norms” is amazingly blinkered. Norms change as society grows and changes.

And your veiled reference to climate change is laughable. Why do you think we’re sitting on top of so much poison? Why do you think Greenland is shedding ice at a record pace? Why do you think the Arctic sea ice has shrunk? Why have we had a steady stream of “hottest years on record”?

There are problems to solve. You aren’t helping. You’re whining.

Don Black
Don Black
12 days ago

Unfortunately, citizens are not going to get educated about crime. The system keeps you from hearing anything except the rehearsed pap that fits politicians and those in charge. Dishonesty is now accepted in everything. I agree that we have to be informed. Both political parties make sure that only certain voices are allowed to be heard. We have to get around that. The media, which was always our hope for an educated populace, has now been converted toward political ends. No longer does journalism look for facts. We have to get around that. The public must be informed to make good decisions.

Good Citizen
Good Citizen
11 days ago
Reply to  Don Black

You mean like the fact that you are a tax thief?