LETTERS: Help eliminate food insecurity while supporting local producers

Editor: Food insecurity is hurting so many people in our state right now and rising costs is making it that much harder. I can’t help but also think about the fact that my community is particularly hard hit. The Latinx community is almost twice as likely to live in food insecure households. Folks are having such a tough time and we need to do more to help!

This November, voters can take an important step by supporting Proposition FF. This ballot would provide long-term funding for healthy school meals for public school students in our state. This will have positive benefits for schools, support local farmers and food producers, increase wages for the people who work so hard to prepare and serve meals for our kids, and most of all it is a concrete and effective way to help eliminate food insecurity in our state.

Studies have shown that when children are given healthy food they do better in school and stay healthier overall. Healthy food is as important as any other tool for children to learn, grow and thrive. Right now low income thresholds are leaving many children out of current school meals programs.

The Healthy School Meals for All program is an investment in public education and in our children who need healthy food to learn. I am excited to vote yes on this measure in the fall and I hope that others will join me. No one should go hungry because their family is struggling to make ends meet. I hope folks will join me in supporting this important ballot question!

Karla Gonzales Garcia, via [email protected]

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