LETTERS: Experience a Fletcher Christmas this holiday season

Editor: The City of Aurora is a place replete with history. Over the years, the city leadership, in conjunction with historical preservation groups, has been diligent to preserve pieces of the city’s history as evidenced through historic sites. In addition to venues such as the Aurora History Museum, citizens of Aurora can explore its rich history by visiting individual locations where the past is preserved.

Each year, the Toll Gate Creek Chapter of the NSDAR undertakes to not only preserve and
maintain historic sites, but also to bring these pieces of history to life by transforming them
during the holiday season. The Chapter decorates several of our city’s monuments from the
past with period and seasonal decorations, and 2022 is no exception.

I would invite the citizens of Aurora to visit the Centennial House, 1671 Galena Street, for a
taste of Christmas past. The Centennial House is one of the original historic homes of the City of Fletcher, the very beginnings of the City of Aurora. Over at 170 S. Chambers Road is
Delaney Historic Farm, a beautiful open area that holds the Gully Homestead House and the DeLaney Round Barn, a valuable example of ranching and farming in Aurora in the 1880s. Both are now decorated for the Christmas season. https://www.visitaurora.com
Remembering our past honors our original settlors; learning from our past prepares us for the future. In studying how far we’ve come as a city, we can only imagine how far we can go.

Vicki Jo Edwards-Moore, via [email protected]

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