LETTERS: Equitable access to public transportation essential across Colorado


Editor: While we tackle transportation as Colorado’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, it is essential that we consider equitable access to public accommodations regardless of ethnic or racial identity, geographic location, age, gender, or even socioeconomic status while also considering health and safety measures on public transportation during this intersection of COVID and tackling Colorado’s emissions.

While on a Bustang from Fort Collins to Denver, a bus passenger was riding without a mask even after the bus driver told them multiple times to put their mask on since the bus did not have air filtration systems. No disciplinary action was taken. The community should not feel like they are risking their lives using public transportation. This means safer mechanisms must be implemented to minimize skepticism of public transportation if we intend on expanding equitable transportation access across Colorado.

We must also increase the social awareness around public transportation. I am from Castle Rock, CO and upon moving to Fort Collins I did not have a car, so I had to learn to navigate public transportation to get around. Many people either do not have accessible public transportation, do not know care to learn about it because it “doesn’t apply to them”, and/or there is a negative stigma regarding public transportation for those who are not acquainted with it. By fostering communal education — no, not in just Denver or major routes like I-70 or I-25 — around public transportation in Colorado, the narrative for transportation will change and Colorado’s community choices will too.

— Corrina Faharo, via [email protected]