LETTERS: Don’t believe in abortions? Don’t have one


Editor: I am a Registered Nurse with an over 50-year career in Colorado. I think if you don’t believe in abortion don’t have one. The clear issue is that it really should be a very private choice for a woman and her medical provider. Back when I was in nursing classes taking an ethics class the discussion about abortion came up. I was amazed by some of the information that came out of the discussions. Several women in the class had had abortions and gave tearful accounts of why, but had since become devout pro-life supporters.

To me, this is so hypocritical in that when this person needed to make the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy, they had the right to do so and now they want to take that right away from every other woman. I think an obvious question we should be able to ask all pro-life constituents is have YOU ever had an abortion or have YOU asked a female you had relations with to have an abortion. I think there would be many red faces and stammering responses. Shame on those who want to take this choice away from women!

Gloria Shea, via [email protected]


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