LETTERS: Dig a little deeper to find out what Republicans really care about


Editor: Re: “Democrats Don’t Care” (Kiel) — Which party, for decades, has used abortion prohibition as the CORNERSTONE of their branding and identity? And made sure their base understands that control of the US Senate = SCOTUS judges that will overrule Roe?

Your “base” does not care about regulations or tax reduction. They DO care about abortion, “monsters” entering the US via the Southern border, limitation on LGBTQ freedoms, preventing ANY restrictions on gun ownership, plutocracy, etc. Scratch a bit deeper and you find Christian nationalism and/or white supremacy. If not for the weaponization of gerrymandering (and of the filibuster), we would not be having this discussion.

Stuart Zieger, via [email protected]

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J. Walter
J. Walter
1 month ago

Aaaand….let’s not leave out the fact that they follow a Putin-wannabe! We know the SOB uses the other one as a role model, but with pretend-religion (doesn’t even know which side of a bible is UP) as a screen so christians cannot see what he actually is.
As one cartoon clearly showed, “we need more god,” with an American woman needing reproductive services being threatened with a cross, and an Iranian woman being killed by the Taliban, etc. As Gandhi said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are NOTHING LIKE YOUR CHRIST.” (Emphasis mine)
To borrow a rant-LOCK HIM UP!

Joe Felice
Joe Felice
1 month ago

“Christian” nationalism has me worried.