LETTERS: Congress can learn a lot from how schools have navigated online learning


Editor: We’ve all managed an incredible level of uncertainty this past year and a half. And with cases spiking and guidance around classroom protocols continuing to fluctuate, communities face no shortage of challenges today despite the promising vaccine rollout.

But in the face of this uncertainty, we’ve all shared a renewed appreciation for the role that technology plays in our lives – particularly for educators like me, who have relied tremendously on digital platforms and services to stay connected with students, manage lesson plans, and maintain a high standard of education for my students.

While views on virtual learning understandably differ, we can all agree that were it not for technology, no level of learning would have been able to take place this past year. And many of the tools that we’ve adopted in the classroom, and that our increasingly tech-savvy students have grown accustomed to, will be around for years to come.

This recognition and appreciation for technology is something that I’m hoping our political leaders can adopt, too. Congress has a lot on their plate today, as do elected officials at all levels of our government. But it’s been difficult to turn on the news without seeing some lawmakers touting policies aimed right at the companies who provide critical virtual learning and other digital services. I hope that we can all come together to focus on recovery and maintaining the highest possible standard of education for our kids – with the continued help of technology on both fronts.

Erin Murphy, via [email protected]