LETTERS: Biden can strengthen ties with Iran, help Iranian-Americans


Editor: Some of your readers may have mixed feelings about the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA). Let me assure you that our abandonment of it and subsequent Trump administration policies have had a huge negative impact on the lives of Iranian-Americans in Aurora and across the state.

Our community has had loved ones in Iran die from a lack of medical equipment and drugs directly resulting from our “maximum pressure” sanctions, which spare the regime’s leaders while asphyxiating the ordinary Iranian. Many of our community members have been separated from their families for years, with their parents often forced to witness the birth of their grandchild on Zoom rather than in person. And Iranian student visa holders at Colorado universities – typically conducting research in high economic impact fields like mechanical engineering or the biosciences – have had difficulty sustaining themselves in the face of financial transactions being blocked and US bank accounts being frozen.

Finally, in the absence of the deal the Iranian government has ramped up its enrichment and is even closer to a nuclear bomb. We welcome President Biden’s repeal of the Muslim Ban and hope that he will soon return to the Iran nuclear deal without preconditions. Because on both a geopolitical level and on a human level here in Colorado, doing so best safeguards our interests while allowing Iranian-Americans to flourish and contribute to creating jobs and boosting our state’s economy.

— Kevin Amirehsani, via [email protected] 

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