LETTERS: APS was fortunate to have Rico Munn at the helm


Editor: I was deeply disappointed to learn that Rico Munn would no longer be continuing as the superintendent of Aurora Public Schools. I must say the action by the board to not renew his contract is deeply concerning, especially given that I personally witnessed Mr. Munn’s excellence in leadership during six of my years of board service.

In fact, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that I was the sole board member that chose not to initially select him as superintendent. I believed at the time that the district needed a leader with a deep instructional background. I was incorrect in that belief and quickly found that his contributions, professional experience, and expertise far exceeded my expectations in that regard. As soon as Superintendent Munn assumed the superintendent role, he made significant contributions to the district based on board expectations and best practice. He took on this work and never shied away from making tough decisions despite the pushback and even personal attacks he sometimes faced.  My belief in his leadership was unequivocally affirmed when he openly said in public meeting that he was agnostic regarding the districts approach. In effect, if an action supported the needs of students, he was fully committed to making the necessary change happen. I had no doubt from that moment on that Aurora Public Schools was extremely fortunate to have him as its leader.

Bold leaders receive criticism from all sides when striving to do and while doing the right things. I’ve heard from many people that have attempted to label him in a particular manner to satisfy their desired narrative and personal interests. However, it is clear his service was to our students alone and not special interests, unions, political factions, or reform groups. I will always be the first to happily attest to his integrity, intelligence, and dedication to the students of APS.

Foremost, I’m writing to thank Mr. Munn for his unwavering service that elevated the district and the Aurora community. The 2019 Superintendent of the year has a very long list of accomplishments that deserve our recognition and acknowledgment. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Secondly, I ask all community members that have a stake in Aurora Public Schools including taxpayers, voters, parents, and students to both demand and seek out opportunities to contribute to the future superintendent hiring process. In addition, each board member that supported this decision should be held accountable at the ballot box in November of 2023 as the electorate sees fit.

We must always remember that all the students in APS deserve the opportunity to shape a successful future.

—Dan Jorgensen, via [email protected]

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