LETTERS: American presidents act like kings


Editor: There is a bigger issue in the misplaced presidential documents conundrum.
Presidents are rapidly changing from being servants of the people to rulers of the people.

Historically, the White House, Secret Service, and classified documents have always belonged to the people. In monarchist England, the palace stays with the king forever, the palace guard is the king’s private army, and royal papers are the property of the king.

Presidents in America are beginning to act like kings who treat all the emblems of power as if they were personal private property.

For example, Mr. Trump did not want to give up the White House. He treated Secret Service agents and government employees like domestic servants. He unilaterally declassified documents and said they were his.

Politicians are leading democratic America down the pathway to monarchy like Greek and Roman politicians did, and our citizenry are largely unaware and uncaring.

Kimball Shinkoskey, via [email protected]

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