LETTER: Tom Kim is a family man and right for SD27


Editor: Recently, I attended a fundraising event for Tom Kim, Republican candidate for the Colorado Senate (District 27). After Tom introduced me as his mother-in-law, a lady next to me leaned over and asked: “how is Tom as a son-in-law?”

After a moment, I asked her, “Do you know many sons-in-law who would ask their wife’s parents to come and live with them?” I went on to tell her that, even though Tom has known us for over 26 years, he did just that. I believe that speaks volumes about him as a person and sets him apart from many sons-in-law.

I thoroughly enjoy being around when Tom is interacting with his daughters (MY 14- and 16-year-old granddaughters!)  Tom is very tough and no-nonsense (no drama here!) but also very patient and encouraging.  He participates in multiple activities with them and is an excellent instructor.  As a family they love exploring different places in Colorado as well as ski, bike, hike and ride horses.  The girls have learned the value of work and when commitments are made, they are kept.

When my son was killed serving in Iraq in 2003, Tom stepped in immediately. Not only did he provide comfort to my daughter and our family, but he also fielded all questions and arrangements from friends, colleagues and the media. He took care of us and Russell’s friends.

In the years I have known Tom, I have found him to be honest and straight forward.  I am continually amazed at his ability to retain vast amounts of information and have quick and complete recall.  I know often we are skeptical of individuals running for office.  We are leery of double talk and that once elected they will not adhere to the principles they ran on.  I am confident and would hold my son-in-law accountable to his principles.  He is a “what you see is what you get” kind of man and does live up to his word.  He expects it from his children, those he works with, and holds himself to the same standard. I humbly ask that you consider Tom Kim for Colorado State Senate District 27 in the November 8, 2022 election.

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Bart Emanuel
Bart Emanuel
2 months ago

Tom Kim wants to arm everyone in our schools. Shooters will think twice about bringing their gun to school when everyone else is armed. No more bathroom brawls, schoolyard fights, and certainly no more mass shootings when everyone is packing heat. For extra security, we should add laser-targeted turrets to each water fountain that can be activated in the event of an altercation between students and/or teachers involving firearms.

A gun in every holster and a cap in every ass. Kim for SD27!

Joe Felice
Joe Felice
2 months ago

“Once elected they will not adhere to the principles they ran on” sounds just like every politician I know. Is this person somehow above everyone else? Just because he takes care of family and friends doesn’t mean a thing. Again, it’s a given that all candidates do this. And I don’t give a hoot whether someone is a “family man.” A good candidate could be in a polygamous relationship or a gay man in no relationship for all I care. I don’t base my choices based upon such personal matters.