LETTER: Coffman deserves your vote


EDITOR: Please vote for Congressman Mike Coffman. All too often voters don’t see the positive accomplishments of a candidate. Somehow, those good things that benefit communities and those living in a congressional district get pushed to the side during the campaign season.

Here are just a few of the positives voters aren’t seeing on their TVs about Congressman Mike Coffman:

• He sponsored the Safe to Tell Act, a law that would allow states to create a program for students to report threats they hear or see (HR. 6713), which helps to keep our children safe;

• He has supported key consumer protections in the ACA, including protections for pre-existing conditions and the ability for children to stay on their parents plan until 26;

• He has won human rights awards from Ethiopian groups.

Outside interests are spending massive amounts of money against Congressman Mike Coffman. Congressman Mike Coffman has worked hard for your vote.

I urge Colorado voters to tell those outside interests our votes can’t be bought by returning Congressman Mike Coffman to Congress.

— Pam Cirbo, Littleton, via [email protected]