KOSI 101.5 spinning Christmas music, hoping to change the pandemic tune


AURORA | Santa’s elves self-quarantined themselves long ago, and Christmas is many months away, but that doesn’t mean the St. Nick has abandoned the Denver metro in our time of need.

Radio station KOSI 101.1 is throwing it back to Dec. 25 when DJs will start spinning Christmas music Friday morning – despite it being spring.

From 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Friday, Christmas tunes à la Crosby, Sinatra and the silky sounds of Michael Bublé will fill KOSI 101.1 airwaves.

Hosts say that’s an effort to chill people out.

“We’ve had a lot of listeners contact us saying they are stressed with all that is going on and asking if we could play some Christmas music just for a bit to calm us down,” said DJ Jenny D.

“…Let’s do our part since nothing lifts spirits like Christmas music,” concurred co-host Jay Cruze.

Hunker down, tune-in and pretend you’re cozied up next to a roaring fire and Christmas tree – not cleaning cereal off your sweats as your shoddy Zoom video conference crackles unintelligibly.