JUST ONE: Arapahoe County Clerk warns unaffiliated voters to only cast primary ballot for one party


AURORA | The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s Office warned on Thursday that unaffiliated voters should only return one ballot, not both they were sent, for their vote to count. 

“We’re seeing way too many Unaffiliated voters’ envelopes coming back with both R and (D) ballots- and by law they cannot be counted,” Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder Joan Lopez said Thursday morning on Twitter. “PLEASE remember to vote and return only one ballot if you’re an Unaffiliated voter!”

In Arapahoe County, about 45.8% of voters are unaffiliated, far more than either of the two major political parties. About 31% of voters are registered Democrats and 21% are registered Republicans. 

Since 2018, Coloradans who are unaffiliated with a political party have been allowed to vote in primary elections, but cannot vote in the elections of more than one political party. Unaffiliated voters should receive ballots for each primary, and only fill out and return one of their choosing.

Ballots for the June primary election were mailed beginning on June 6 and are due by 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28. Details on where to return ballots, how to register and other information are available at arapahoevotes.gov.

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3 months ago

Oh well. If you can’t read the simple instructions that come in the unaffiliated envelope, it’s probably best that your vote doesn’t count.

3 months ago

It seems like the evidence is growing that the law change in 2018 allowing unaffiliated voters to vote for either party has too many problems and loopholes.

By definition, unaffiliated is just that, without political affiliation. If you are truly that, then either primary should be of no interest to you, the individual voter. The only concern would be the final vote of Democrat versus Republican.

Personally, I saw this in 2018 when the law passed that I as a registered Republican should be an Independent and have choices to vote for my favorite Republican or vote against a favored Democrat giving me a bit more political power for my one vote. Both my wife, a Democrat and I became Independent.

Now this year it seems to make a major difference. The Democrat’s do not have but one person listed in each category, (very wise politically), and the Republicans have more than one in many races. We’ll find the smart Democrats will be sending in Republican ballots selecting those that they believe can be more easily defeated. This is the reality but seems to me improper and I believe the 2018 law should be rescinded.

With this law, it makes it possible for whoever opens the ballot at the County Clerks office when receiving two ballots that one could be eliminated without anyone noticing. With the old law this potential problem is not available.

In summary, let’s get rid of this law so to get a better count of Republicans and Democrats and make Independents, just that, independent in future primaries by not having a vote.

Tawny Fox
Tawny Fox
3 months ago
Reply to  DICK MOORE

As an independent (not for expediency, as you are, but because I actually am not a Democrat or Republican), I am still a citizen and should not have less of a say than someone of those parties.

People will do as you suggest, and that was considered when the law was passed, but honestly, people are just going to know more about their own party or the way they lean.

Really, though, the vast majority of citizens are just not going to study up on the candidates to really affect things. Most people just vote party lines.

Not everyone is as interested and involved as you or i.

3 months ago

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