Immersive Dalí exhibit announced at Stanley Marketplace 

The immersive experience is coming to Stanley Marketplace this fall that features the work of Salvador Dali. Photo provided by Dalí Alive © 2022 by The Salvador Dalí Museum

AURORA | Famous Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí will come alive this fall in Aurora. 

Stanley Marketplace will host an immersive exhibit, called DALÍ ALIVE, of the artist who is known for his vibrant works that explored the human psyche. Among Dalí’s most recognizable work is “The Persistence of Memory” — an early 20th century painting depicting melting clocks. 

The exhibit is a multi-sensory production that “will provide visitors with the sensation of stepping into the live of Salvador Dalí himself and feeling the power of his imagination,” the creators, who also produced VAN GOGH ALIVE, say. 

“We could not be more excited to collaborate with the esteemed Dalí Museum to create DALÍ ALIVE and bring the World Premiere to the people of Colorado,” Bruce Peterson, Executive Chairman and Founder of Grande Experiences, said in an announcement of the exhibit. “Visitors will enjoy the unique opportunity to dive deep into the imaginative world of Salvador Dalí and immerse themselves in his beautiful, iconic, and captivating art as we bring it to life. In my opinion, if Salvador Dalí were alive today, he would be creating art in this exciting new age digital medium.”

Dalí, while a recognizable painter, also completed works in other mediums, such as sculpture, printmaking and even filmmaking alongside Luis Buñuel and Alfred Hitchcock. 

Tickets for the exhibit are on sale now for the exhibit, which opens to the public Oct.21.  


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