Crow, Lamborn team up to create a Space Force National Guard

Rep. Jason Crow, left, and Rep. Doug Lamborn have teamed up to create a Space Force National Guard. Photos via AP

AURORA | A Colorado bipartisan tag team is looking to create a reserve component of the U.S. Space Force. 

Congressmen Jason Crow, D-Aurora, and Doug Lamborn, R-Colorado Springs, introduced the Space National Guard Establishment Act this week, saying it would provide a combat-ready piece to the nation’s youngest military branch. Both lawmakers represent cities that were finalists in hosting the Space Force permanent headquarters, though former President Donald Trump ultimately gave the headquarters location to Huntsville, Alabama.

Colorado Springs has the largest concentration of Space Force personnel in the country while Aurora’s longtime Air Force installation formally became Buckley Space Force Base last year. 

“The U.S. National Guard is critical to defending our interests in space and protecting our force on the ground. And with more than a third of all National Guard members assigned to space missions residing here in Colorado, our state will play a key role in providing a proven, ready, combat reserve to Space Force,” Crow said in a statement. “Expanding the Force to include this National Guard component will ensure mission readiness as we continue U.S. dominance in space.” 

About 1,500 National Guard personnel across seven states, including Colorado, are part of space-related missions, according to the branch. 

Crow and Lamborn and other members of Congress first teamed up in October 2020 to create the House Space Force Caucus, which helps other lawmakers and their staff learn and advocate for the military branch.

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Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
16 days ago

No guys. Just, no.

“Space Force” is about the dumbest idea one can imagine.

The U.S. Army, to take just one example, has over 1 million uniformed personnel, which includes the Army National Guard. The Navy has about 350,000 active duty personnel, with another 100,000 in the Reserve. The Air Force has about 330,000 active duty personnel, with another 100,000 in the Air National Guard.

Space Force? 6,434 total personnel. Even allowing for expansion, Space Force is not anywhere near large enough to be a branch of the Armed Forces. Creating a separate reserve force is problematic, as the total force itself is microscopic compared to the three branches we are currently paying for.

I am a great admirer of Congressman Crow. He’s helped me as a constituent. But this is insane. Space operations were handled well by the existing Air Force, and Congress has always had the power to address any concerns about size, readiness, etc. within that branch. But this became a gleam in someone’s eyes, and a chance for Donald Trump to up his ratings, and a boondoggle for the taxpayers to get taken again.

Rather than create a separate Space Force National Guard, the jurisdiction over space operations, including defense operations, should be returned to the Air Force. As it is, it is hard to see where there would be enough reserve forces to get up a game of cards, let alone justify a separate bureaucracy and a separate budget. New agencies draw lobbyists and grifters the way garbage draws flies. Let’s not go down this road.

Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
15 days ago

Well, this is weird. I wrote a comment here yesterday. Yesterday afternoon the Sentinel emailed me to tell me my comment was approved.

But it’s not here. Wonder why?

15 days ago

Fantastic, that would be so good for Aurora and also the people serving in Space Force! I hope they are successful!