Colorado SOS Jena Griswold wins reelection

Jena Griswold speaks to Democratic voters Nov. 8, 2022. Photo by PHILIP B. POSTON/Sentinel Colorado

DENVER | After spending the better half of her first term in office defending election integrity, voters decided to send Jena Griswold back to run the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. 

GOP challenger Pam Anderson conceded Tuesday evening, according to reporting by Colorado Public Radio, as Griswold led by a little more than 200,000 votes. 

“While Colorado’s elections serve as the nation’s Gold Standard, we should always continue to innovate and increase election access and security. I remain dedicated to doing the hard work of strengthening our democracy,” Griswold said in an acceptance speech. “I will continue to push for policies that expand access to the ballot box and ensure that every voter – no matter where they live, what they look like, or their political affiliation – can make their voice heard in our great state.”

While the 2020 election brought on dangerous rhetoric about the nation’s voting system — and some conservatives have embraced lies spouted by former President Donald Trump and his supporters — both candidates agree that the process is safe and sound here. 

The point of contention in the race, however, has been that hyper-partisan actions put election integrity at risk across the state. 

“I am running to restore confidence in the position by bringing my background and record of performance as a professional and nonpartisan election official,” GOP candidate Pam Anderson, a former county-level clerk and recorder, said in a recent Sentinel candidate survey. “I am running because I have seen up close state and local election officials use the public’s trust and these offices to elevate themselves with hyper-partisan rhetoric.” 

Anderson has worked in elections since 2003, when she was named the city clerk for Wheat Ridge. 

She beat out election-denier Tina Peters, who was indicted on criminal counts of conspiracy related to election tampering and misconduct in Mesa County, and another Republican candidate in the June primary to face incumbent Jena Griswold, the current Colorado Secretary of State. Griswold was a voter protection attorney prior to running for office in 2018. 

Griswold, a Democrat, garnered pushback, even from some in her own party, earlier this fall when she appeared in a television ad alongside former Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a Republican, that asks voters to be “alert” about election misinformation. The ad wasn’t paid for by a political group, but rather an account from the Secretary of State’s office that’s supposed to be used for election equipment and software upgrades.

Anderson called for the ads to stop, telling Axios that “the priority for this secretary is herself.”


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