Colorado Air National Guard conducting night training with F-16 aircraft until mid-November


AURORA | Residents in and around Aurora are likely to hear more roaring coming from the sky at night until mid-November. 

The 140th Wing of the Colorado Air National Guard is conducting supplemental night flying training until Nov. 17, according to Buckley Space Force Base. 

The noise is from the F-16 Fighting Falcon, which the Air Force describes as a “compact, multi-role fighter aircraft.” The jets will be taking off and landing from the Aurora base.

“Implementing our flying mission sets at night is critical to maintaining our readiness and effectiveness in support of our nation’s defense,” U.S. Air Force Col. Christopher Southard, said in a statement.

Jets will conduct the training missions out of Buckley as late as 10 p.m.

“We understand that the increase in noise can be disruptive to our local communities,” Southard said. “We appreciate the continued support and seek to have minimal impact by flying during the winter months when hours of darkness begin earlier in the evening.”

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2 months ago

With all the open air space in Colorado, does this really have to be done over our homes? I’m a big supporter of our Air Force, but can we use some common sense?