Bystanders chase down suspected serial bike thief in northwest Aurora


AURORA | A man who Aurora police say is behind multiple bike thefts was reportedly caught in the act and detained by shoppers at Stanley Marketplace, an agency spokesperson said.

Aurora Police Department spokesman Matthew Longshore said that on May 5 bystanders at the northwest Aurora commercial center saw suspect Alec Jackson pull a pair of bolt cutters out of his backpack and cut a lock on a bicycle rack.

“The community members rushed over and ended up subduing the man until officers arrived … a few minutes later,” Longshore wrote in an email.

“We are certainly appreciative of these community members and commend them for their courageous actions,” he continued. “The uncertainty of these situations, because of the unknown intentions of the offenders, can sometimes lead to tense or unfavorable outcomes. We are glad that everyone was safe and we were able to arrest this man.”

Aurora police arrested Jackson for one count of larceny and an outstanding warrant in Wheat Ridge. He was transferred to the Adams County Detention Facility two days later. 

Longshore said in his email that “the case is still open and active, and additional charges could come in the future.” He also said police believe Jackson is involved with “numerous” bike thefts in and around northwest Aurora, not just at the Stanley Marketplace.

The department posted on Twitter that Jackson could be responsible for more than 100 thefts in Aurora and possibly Denver, and invited anyone who had their bike stolen in northwest Aurora but did not report it to police to email them at [email protected]

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Joe Felice
Joe Felice
6 months ago

Good for them and no guns needed.