Aurora Public Schools decides not to require remote learning on snow days


AURORA | Aurora Public Schools will not have students learn remotely during snow days after the majority of respondents to a survey soliciting feedback on the decision indicated that they wanted school to remain closed instead of switching to online learning.

The district received over 22,000 responses to a survey, the majority of which preferred not using remote learning. When asked whether potential remote learning should be synchronous or asynchronous, slightly more than half preferred asynchronous.

In a news release, superintendent Rico Munn said the district considered the survey results along with the potential benefits for students.

“We also considered the level of stress for staff and families to implement remote learning with limited advanced warning,” he said. “Another consideration was the small possibility of needing to extend the school year if APS implements too many snow day closures. However, this is a rare occurrence and has not happened in recent history.” 

This is a proactive decision, as snow is not forecasted for the near future.


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