Aurora Public Schools asks families not to share rumors of school violence on social media


AURORA | Following two shootings outside district high schools in November that rattled the community, Aurora Public Schools officials are asking the community not to disseminate rumors of potential school violence over social media.

Safety concerns should be reported directly to the school, the police or anonymously through Safe2Tell, Superintendent Rico Munn said in a Wednesday letter to families. Sharing or re-sharing rumors online can cause unneeded panic.

“We take all threats to the safety of our students and staff seriously,” Munn said. “Unfortunately, misinformation about violence and threats is easily spread across social media platforms, which can cause undue alarm.”

“These concerns, real or perceived, can negatively impact the mental health of our students, staff and families. This can disrupt the learning environment and cause some parents to keep their students at home, losing valuable learning time.”

Any students that post threatening information, even as a prank, will be disciplined by the school and could also face legal charges.

Cherry Creek put out a similar message last month, with the district saying it had investigated several unfounded threats of violence at its middle and high schools.


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Who wants to know
Who wants to know
7 months ago

“Rumors” who the hell needs rumors when you’ve got daily fights, kids bringing weapons to school every year, shootings every year by 15 year olds, and thefts almost daily?