Aurora man gets federal prison time for selling meth, guns to undercover agents


AURORA | An Aurora man has been sentenced to more than a decade in federal prison for selling guns and methamphetamine to undercover agents during a sting operation, prosecutors announced Tuesday.

A U.S. District Court judge sentenced Aurora resident Peter Trujillo, 33, to more than 11 years in prison June 15 for one count of meth distribution and a gun charge. Trujillo pleaded guilty to each count.

Authorities said Trujillo sold nine guns, including semi-automatic rifles, and 300 grams of meth to undercover agents working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives nearly four years ago in Denver.

The sting was part of multi-agency task force designed to bring down organized crime groups involved in drug trafficking, money laundering and gang activity.

“Those who bring violence and dangerous drugs into our communities will be met not only with every resource ATF has, but also with the skill and dedication of all of our partners at the Department of Justice,” ATF Special Agent in Charge David Booth said in a statement.

Another defendant charged in the same case, Patrick Sweeter, was sentenced to just more than a year in federal prison earlier this year on a lone weapons count.

Trujillo, who was previously convicted on a felony identity theft charge in 2012, will have to serve five years on supervised release once he is released from federal custody.

“Harsh penalties await those like Mr. Trujillo who seek to profit by putting our communities in peril,” Deputy U.S. Attorney J. Chris Larson said in a statement.

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1 month ago

Wow I would brag too… one of thousands (with many more to come) drug and gang and cartel and just bad actors) is off the street… for the moment.. Legislatures in the “blue” states are looking for ways to let out offenders and I think his age and “non-violent” crime is just their cup of tea. Out in 3 years and I have little doubt that the DA made a plea deal to get this conviction (he plead guilty… give me a break). That says tp me “buckle up boys and girls” Oh buckle up woke “thems” there is going to be crime in A town to rival LA.