Aurora Highlands developer donates $100,000 to Aurora Public Schools


AURORA | Aurora Highlands developer Carlo Ferreira donated $100,000 to the Aurora Public Schools Foundation at the foundation’s 9th annual gala on Tuesday.

The Highlands is a new development near Denver International Airport that will consist of 12,500 homes. It will host four new APS schools, the first of which will open in 2023. The Highlands has previously donated to APS and was the main sponsor of the gala.

At the gala, the Foundation presented on APS’ college and career centers, which are designed to help students explore their options after graduating high school and work with them to obtain financial aid for higher education. 

“Mr. Ferreira comes from a family who could not afford college and instead, at 17 he enlisted in the Marines before receiving his diploma,” a news release from Aurora Highlands said. “He understands that many APS families do not plan for college because of financial or cultural obstacles and felt compelled to support the funding of the school district’s College and Career Centers so APS students can have more opportunities.”

The gala raised $390,000 in total for the foundation. 

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