Arapahoe County, Red Cross providing shelter to residents of apartment fire


AURORA | The Arapahoe County Fairgrounds is currently serving as a shelter for people displaced by Thursday’s fire at the Club Valencia Condominiums in unincorporated Arapahoe County.  

By the evening of Nov. 3, a total of 86 households had been displaced by the fire. South Metro fire officials reported on social media that three people were transported to the hospital in connection with the fire and 15 people were evaluated by paramedics. It’s not yet clear what caused the fire.

An intake center has been set up by the county at the fairgrounds to provide access to aid from the Red Cross as well as the county’s Human Services and Community Resources divisions, and will be open Friday-Sunday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

The county is directing anybody wishing to donate to the victims visit

County officials are currently working to determine what future services or resources may be needed by the misplaced residents for the more long-term issues that may arise resulting from the fire, including housing navigation tools and pet placement.

Update: Arapahoe County officials say the Disaster Assistance Center for residents of the Club Valencia fire has moved to: Village East Elementary, located at 1433 South Oakland Street in Aurora.

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Omen Cross
Omen Cross
2 months ago

Well, to live in this Metro you gotta be ready for anything. Even if that “ready” is what happens when you’re just chilling on your balcony and sirens start going off. That was how my Thursday started. I spent the next several hours first running down hallways, banging on doors and screaming for people to get outside. One guy just would not leave without a box of precious things he was sending home overseas, so I grabbed it up and got it and him outside. I kept doing this until police and fire met me in the smoky hallway to take over. Then, I spent hours after that circling the building checking on and giving what current info I had to my neighbors. It was quite a long day, definitely not what I expected for my “day off”. Now stacks of people are without their homes and possessions.
Mad props to the police, fire, red cross, and everyone else that showed up to help. You are the reasons why people were not left out in the cold as the snow fell. On behalf of myself, as well as many others of my neighbors that you have assisted. Thank you for your fine work.